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GO GO GO GO!!! The soldiers jumped up out of their trenches in pairs of fifteen and ran for the sand bags.

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Building 13 "GO GO GO GO!!!" The soldiers jumped up out of their trenches in pairs of fifteen and ran for the sand bags. A pair was sent every five minutes, but five minutes seemed like five hours. I watched closely as men were sent out like rag dolls. One man was shot every three pairs as soon as he left the trench. My pair was up next and we where the third pair to go! Me and fourteen other men of whom I had never seen before where waiting for the signal, "Get ready! Wait for the whistle!" as I waited for the whistle I grabbed my rosary beads and said 3 Hail Mary's, but I only finished two. The noise of the whistle was louder than a gunshot. I jumped out of the trench and ran for the sand bags. I slipped on wet mud and fell to the ground. The enemy was about one hundred yards away from our position. Behind the enemy's position was a massive red bridge and across that bridge was a small town. ...read more.


That's exactly what we did. For some strange reason the river was bone dry. There was no water to be seen. We were now under the bridge. There were only twenty-seven of us but thankfully we still had a box of grenades and smoke grenades. We still had to take out the troops on the bridge. They had no idea that we were under the bridge. Sergeant Quinn said that there were only ten troops on the bridge and the rest would be in the town. We waited for night fall to make an attack. It was about 4.35am and men were getting drowsy. One man was sent up the bank to check for German troops on the bridge. "Sir, I've got good news. Three men are on the bridge and two have fallen asleep. The other man is sitting on an old box filling his rifle with ammo." The sergeant's face lit up with joy. "OK, let's go... every one; get into groups of nine." This made three groups. "On my order, group one will go take out the three men on the bridge. ...read more.


My gun was still pointing at him. Half of me screamed "Pull the trigger you fool!!" But the other half had taken sympathy on him. I then thought to myself, this was the man I was taught to hate, our enemy. The one who had invaded my country and killed my relatives and family. With anger and rage I put my finger back on the trigger and paused... I could feel cold air on the back of my neck and a gun being pushed against my head. Again I could not understand this strange language coming from the man behind me. I was terrified but at the same time I was not scared to be shot; I was still full of rage, I had nothing more to lose... I turned around and looked the German in the eyes. "Go on, shoot me". I pushed the German and then pushed him again. "Shoot me you coward!! You've already killed the one thing in this world I loved most. So go on!!! SHOOT ME!!!" Without hesitation, the German stood back and shot Simon on the forehead. The German looked down on him with disgust, took his gun and possessions and left the room. ?? ?? ?? ?? Christian Campbell GCSE English ...read more.

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