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Going on a Theme Park Ride

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Going on a Theme Park Ride I woke up extremely early and thrilled more than I could handle me my mum and my dad where going to Busch Gardens Theme Park everyone says it is the best in the world. We jumped in the car and shot off for Busch Gardens. It took us about half hour to just be in sight of Busch. When we where approaching the Theme Park it was magnificent. The first sight that caught my eye was the Montu taking the loop the loops and the corkscrews like they were going out of fashion and the other big roller coaster that I saw was the Kumba doing the same. We parked up soon after and had to get a tram to the main Theme Park Entrance. We arrived at the entrance around 10 minutes later as the tram had to take the long route round because of the usual route had been closed for repairs. ...read more.


I started a quick sprint hoping that I would reach before them. It was close but I reached the Montu just slightly before them, There was a long queue which meant it was an even better ride which made me feel even tenser. Whilst I was in the queue I couldn't help listening to people who had been on it before. They were saying things like "the first time I went on the Montu I was so scared I almost wet myself I wouldn't have gone on it if it hadn't been for my dad pushing me but it was fantastic." When I finally reached the boarding platform I felt like I was going to pass out because of excitement but I though I would leave that to the ride although I did have a lot of thoughts in my head. I didn't have enough time to finish them though because before I knew it I was getting buckled it to my seat. ...read more.


Before I had a chance to ask someone these questions I was about to have them answered first hand I raised my hands and shouted kowabunga ( this is brilliant) There was a sudden jolt the coaster suddenly went into a double loop the loop then some really sharp corkscrews and turns it then took a quick dip into a tunnel. It was so low I rapidly pulled in my hands it was the best time of my life it was a shame it had to finish so soon we entered the boarding about 6 minutes after leaving it. It would have been better if it went round twice but still it was the best ride I had ever experienced. When my feet were firmly planted on the floor the harness automatically raised. I jumped off but I didn't get to far my legs went like jelly and I fell over but it was worth it just to experience the MONTU! ...read more.

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