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Gold: A Creative Essay

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´╗┐Joshua Efiong Gold ? Imaginative Sunlight punched through the forest canopy above as he made his way towards the sound of water bubbling and trickling away to the west, stronger than ever due to the previous rain shower. The ground squelched under foot as he walked purposefully towards the centre of the ravine. The foliage on the ground was so dense ? there were moments that he couldn?t see through to the soil below ? and the green colour was so strong in the lower light. Robert Carlatti was there to think, there were always questions to ask. The new factory could be seen even this far away from the city; the smoke rising from the distance was thick and as dark as night. ...read more.


He came here to think, to think of why he was here and why he still was here. He had come to make his fortune, he had read the papers about all the new industry and the earnings made possible in the new factories across the country. Of course, he had followed quite a majority, and all was not as it had been made out to be. The sun got lower as time passed, and the sunlight began to reflect off the glistening water into his eyes. Everything sparkled like jewels, and so too was the colour of the early evening sky. ...read more.


And yet, despite his deep thought, out of the corner of his eye he saw light reflected at a far greater intensity than what he was used to. Moving to investigate, the reflection no longer reflected light into his eyes such that he searched ever more frantically as the light level decreased to darkness. Then, he saw a smooth and rounded rock near the edge of the stream. Picking it up, feeling the weight of the rock, he knew it wasn?t just a rock. He had read about the presence of such minerals in the area, and what an abundance there was in certain places. He scrabbled at the dirt like an animal digging its home, and picking up another metallic pebble, he realised that he had just struck gold. ...read more.

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