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Goldfish - Original Writing

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Original writing coursework: Goldfish There are some encounters, even with people who are complete strangers to us, in which we begin to take an interest right from the very first glance suddenly, before we have uttered a word. Here I sit with a life of ups and downs. I have no target, I have no goal, and I have no meaning. I am a goldfish in a bowl being stared upon by a watchful eye. They are the viewers, they stare, they are empty, I am their project and they are mine. "Catch the sun before it's gone" she said with a smile on her face. "Sorry?" I said with mystification. "It might never happen" "Oh, yes!" I replied with an obvious counterfeit giggle. "It's been a bad week, I split up with a girlfriend and lost �200 investing in a new Internet company, I was conned!" "I'm sorry to hear that" Very sympathetic of her I thought, I smiled back in her direction, but who was she? What did she want? ...read more.


Stereotypical I know, but I hate interviews; the thought of them makes my stomach crawl. I can remember back in 1998 when I had an interview for a school in Newcastle, I got on bad terms with the interviewers when I criticized the way they'd set the interview up. They had placed a row of desks on stage blocks and placed one chair on the floor below it, it was a very old fashioned, ineffective method and I was not impressed; I told them to shove the job. I suppose you could call me obnoxious or maybe headstrong but I have always been a keen believer in doing things my way. I have always looked at people as projects, I could stare at them for hours on end trying to understand them; I'm not a stalker or a deviant, but curiosity is what feeds my imagination. I had to search for this new school, on the way I would be looking out for people to 'study', as I would like to refer to it, and see if I could guess what their occupations are or if they have families and so on. ...read more.


"Well I must be off, the schools interview room is the first gate you see from the next bus stop. It was nice to meet you again, oh and good luck!" she smiled as she slowly walked down the bus. "Thank you!" I called. She turned and waved. I remembered her mention the schools interview room, how would she know where it was? The thought stayed with me whilst I was sitting outside the room. Hordes of school kids passed me when the bell rang, they were completely oblivious to me and this added to the stress and the sheer terror of the moment. The infinite drone of the bell sent my heartbeat racing, I could picture a brown, square desk in a dark blue room with six suited idiots, I then started to picture the interviewers and began to laugh at them, I immediately stopped as the door opened and there she was! "I'll try not to be a precocious bastard with a bureaucratic mind, Ethan." She looked at me with a cheeky smile. "BETH!" I gasped with an embarrassed laugh. The result? I got the job. George Taylor 31090 ...read more.

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