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Goldie learns a valuable lesson.

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Goldie learns a valuable lesson Once upon a time in a rather nice neighbourhood on the edge of town there lived a rather well off family that went by the name of Locke. Mr Locke had luckily been born into a very rich family, went to all the best schools and had all the advantages life could throw at one person. He had used these advantages to train as a doctor, choosing to work for people who hadn't had his luck. Mrs Locke was a beautiful lady; they had met on a beach in Cornwall whilst helping to clean sea birds after some oil disaster many years before. Theirs was a match made in heaven two truly kind and thoughtful people they soon fell in love and married. Mrs Locke had been fortunate and been able to carry on her charitable work, she even ran a local charity which benefited the local children's home. They had been blessed also with a beautiful child they named Goldie she had eyes of the brightest blue and golden curly hair. Goldie had been given everything she wanted, was sent to the best schools and her parents had done their best to give her their own good morals. They loved their daughter very much and saw only the good in her. Unfortunately Goldie was not a very nice girl; she had not inherited any of her parents good qualities. ...read more.


After trying all three of the beds upstairs she chose the smallest as it had the softest cover, she curled up and fell fast asleep. The house she had broken into belonged to a single parent family that went by the name of Bear. Mrs Bear was a good mother and a hardworking lady but didn't have much. She had been at work that day and her two children had been with a babysitter close by. When they returned that evening Mrs Bear was horrified to find their food for the evening spread all over the floor. It was her payday the next day and she had nothing else to give her children. As they moved through the house they noticed the broken chair, the youngest child cried as she saw it, it had been her favourite. Mrs Bear ran up the stairs to check the bedrooms, Goldie heard the first door creak and jumped up climbed out of the window and ran all the way home. Andy the oldest of the Bear children had seen her through the window as she ran, he knew he would recognise her again. When Goldie got home her mother was really upset, the dance school had called to check if Goldie was going to be well enough for the show the following week. ...read more.


On the way to the police station she busily made up a story to tell the police. She decided she would be in less trouble if she told them the Bear family had kidnapped her and kept her there and were preparing to ransom her as they were so poor. Goldie's parents were there at the station when she arrived there they looked distraught, she noticed her mother looked like she hadn't slept and her father had obviously been crying as his eyes were all red and puffy. The officer turned to Goldie and asked what had happened; she prepared to tell them the kidnap story. As she started to speak she remembered the look in Mrs Bear's eyes as they drove from the house, and all of the things she had experienced with them. "I ... I ... ", she stammered, "I ran away because I was as nasty person, I lied, I stole and broke things" Goldie then went on to tell the truth for the first time in her life, it felt good. In those few days with the Bear family she had learned so many lessons in life and realised how truly horrible she was. Her parents took her home and apologised to the Bear family, offering Mrs Bear a job with Mrs Locke's charity. Goldie vowed never to tell a lie again and to think of others before herself. She turned into a very good person married Andy Bear and they all lived happily ever after! Kate Wylie 11.S ...read more.

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