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Goodbye - creative writing.

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Goodbye It is 1940 and the Second World War is getting into full swing. Due to conscription millions of British men between the ages twenty-five and fifty are signing up to do their years of National Service. Wives and children all over the country are being left without a husband or father. This is a story of a particular family who are separated when the father is called on, to do his duty and join the war effort. It starts off with the initial parting at the train station. February 25th 1940 On a snowy, white, winter morning the latest batch of soldiers are saying their goodbyes to their loved ones and preparing to embark on what could prove to be a very life changing journey. Amidst the noise of confusion and tearful goodbyes are a young couple named Annabelle and James and their young son Benjamin, making the most of their last few moments together as a family. Here is a bit of background information on this young couple. Annabelle and James have been in love since the day they met and always believed there was one good person for everybody and that they found that person in each other. They were married at the tender age of eighteen and had their one and only child Benjamin at the age of nineteen, who is now three years old. ...read more.


She doesn't feel like doing much, just sits by the window, playing with Ben and staring outside into space and every so often Ben catches her eye and she gives a faint, defeated smile and then carries on staring. This morning was different though, with sleepless nights tossing and turning, worrying about James, she got up around six and began her daily chores. As she was walking down the stairs she heard the mail drop through the letterbox and suddenly she had this overwhelming happy feeling in her stomach. Sprinting downstairs she picked up the mail and let out a cry of joy as in the pile was a muddy brown torn envelope with James's writing on the front. Annabelle ripped it open with bubbling anticipation and read slowly and in deep focus down the letter, which read: Dear Bella, How are you and Ben? I miss you both terribly and think about you both night and day. I can't say much because of censorship, but I just want you to know that I am keeping as well as can be expected but as you can probably imagine I am lonely and miss you loads. I have made a few friends in the short while I have been here but I do not want to get too close because I never know how long I will be with them. ...read more.


It felt to her as if her heart was just shattered into a million pieces and she fell to the floor and broke down into tears. This time she wasn't crying for the same reasons, this time she was crying because the only man she had ever loved was taken from her forever, she was crying because her son didn't have a father and she was crying because she remembered that last passionate kiss and knew that was going to be her last kiss from him and that it would have to last a lifetime. Annabelle heard Benjamin calling her from his room, so she pulled herself together, wiped her tears away and slowly ascended the stairs. As she entered the room she saw her little Ben, who looked just like his father, standing on his bed looking out the window; 'Mummy it's snowing' he said as he turned and smiled. 'I know love' his mother said putting on a faint smile and turning away. There was a moment of silence and then Ben said sadly 'Mummy.........when is Daddy coming home?' With that Annabelle could not contain her tears, she ran over picked Ben up hugged him tightly and said with tears falling from her eyes 'Daddy isn't coming back!' and she let out an exasperated cry. Annabelle stood clutching her young son, crying her heart out while Ben began to weep, although he didn't really understand what was happening. Melanie Lloyd Mrs Gowdy ...read more.

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