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Gothic Coursework - Gothic Story

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Gothic Coursework - Gothic Story A certain old man was traveling to the city in anticipation of starting a new life. Everything he owned was tucked safely into his pockets and the knapsack on his back, his load light. By and by he came across an ugly witch who was locked inside a beautiful golden cage. "Release me and I will give you but three wishes, old man," she begged. Being the kind-hearted soul that he was, he released the witch - not expecting her to give him anything. Without so much as a 'thank you' she had vanished down the dusty trail leading away from the city, leaving the old man with more questions that he wanted to ponder. That night he was able to secure lodging in the village, then he headed off to enjoy one last meal while pondering his future. Over a quaint meal of roasted hen and blackberry tart, he played with the "what-if fantasy" regarding the witch he had released on the trail today, and the three wishes she had promised him. Were they valid? The only way to find out was to use a wish, and the old man wasn't quite ready to do that. ...read more.


He frantically cried out in a tiny voice, "Please, I beg of you old man - do not leave me in this state! I will be driven insane by the night's end." The old man's heart quaked and he found the situation almost unbearable. Even though the robber had intended to end his life, the old man was so kind-hearted that he couldn't possibly leave him in his current rat-like state. Best turn him back into his human rat-like state, he went on to decide. Looking down at the rat, he asked, "You promise that you will not try to kill me if I release this curse on you?" "Yes, I promise," the rat assured. "Please, I am at my wit's end as it is. Hurry, old man! Hurry!" The old man bent and scooped up the robber's knife, then used his second wish. "I wish that the rat would return to his former state," he said and the rat turned back into the robber. "It's true! You really did have three wishes!" the robber blurted out, appearing unfazed by his transformation as he paced about the earth, a hand to his head as if in deep thought. "Yes, but now there is only one wish," the old man eased out, still fearing for his life even though he had confiscated the knife. ...read more.


"Even so, I will make you wish that you had wished for eternal death-" "Will you now?" the old man asked, sprouting fangs and feeling light on his feet - as if he wanted to fly. The robber's eyes widened and he stammered with his speech as he stumbled backwards, putting space between him and the old man. Something wasn't quite right, as the old man had transformed from a scrawny scrap of human flesh into a strong-looking bulwark, one with fangs and eyes that seemed to pierce his very soul. Suddenly frightened, the robber begged, "Please, do not harm me - whatever thing you have turned into, old man. Please - be as kind to me as you were only moments ago-" "Kind?" the old man laughed, tossing back his head, his widow's peak shinning brilliantly under the wisp of the full moon. And he no longer looked quite so old. He recovered, his eyes sifting over the robber's frightened-looking form. "Odd, but I no longer feel so kind. Or so old. However, I do feel that I am in sudden need of a servant, something that only a rat like you can perhaps fulfill." A scream, a rush of wind, two spirits vanishing into the night - one to embrace eternal life on earth, the other an eternal death fitting for a rat.... ?? ?? ?? ?? Gothic Coursework ...read more.

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