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Gothic Essay

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A Gothic Story Coursework He turned onto the Boardwalk and felt the full impact of the stinging blast from the ocean. Observing the shifting clouds, he decided it wouldn't be surprising if they had a snow flurry later on, even though tomorrow was the first day of spring. It had been a long winter, and everyone said how much they were looking forward to the warm weather ahead. He wasn't. He enjoyed Spring Lake best once late autumn had set in. By then, the summer people had closed their houses, not appearing even for weekends. Spring Lake, with its Victorian houses that appeared unchanged from the way they had been in the 1890's was worth the inconvenience of the trip, they explained. Spring Lake, with the fresh, bracing scent of the ocean always present, revived the soul, they all agreed. All of these people- the summer visitors, the permanent dwellers- shared so much, but none shared his secrets. He could stroll down Madison Avenue and visualise Madeline Shapely as she had been on the late afternoon on September 7th 1891, seated at the wicker sofa on the porch of her home. ...read more.


He came across a rotted leather binder that had been hidden in what looked like a photo album. He opened it and found it stuffed with pages, each one of the covered with writing. The first entry was dated September 7th 1891. It began with the words-Madeline is dead by my hand. He had taken the diary, and told no one about it. Over the years he'd read it almost vigorously, until it became an integral part of his own memory. Along the way, he realised he had become one with the author, sharing his sense of supremacy over his victims, chuckling at his play-acting as he grieved with the grieving. What began as a fascination gradually grew into an absolute obsession, a need to relieve that diary' writer's journey of death on his own. Four and half years ago he had taken the first life. It was twenty one year old Martha's fate that she had been present at the annual end of summer party at her grandparents' grave. ...read more.


The word in town was that Kate Grahm, the purchaser of the Shapely house, as it was still known, was a descendant of the original owners. He had looked her up on the Internet. Thirty-two years old, divorced, a criminal defence attorney, she had come into money after she was given stock by a very successful company whom she'd previously, successfully defended. When the stock went public, and she was able to sell it, she had made her fortune. He learned that Grahm had been stalked by the son of a murder victim after she had won an acquittal for the accused killer. The son, protesting his innocence, was now in a Psychiatric facility. Interesting. More interesting still, Kate bore striking resemblance to the picture he'd seen of her great-great-great aunt Madeline Shapely. She had the same wide, brown eyes and long full eyelashes. The same midnight-brown hair with hints of auburn. The same tall, slender body. Maybe she was the one destined to complete his special trio. There was an orderliness, a rightness to the prospect that sent a shiver of pleasure through him... ...read more.

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