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Gothic genre

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Gothic genre story It was getting dark and the wind was starting to roar. The leaves flying but with nowhere to go. Tree's swayed and rustled but the sound of emptiness filled the grounds. Sarah and I stood on the uneven pebbled driveway, stunned by the atmosphere. We were alone. We had walked to the abandoned house of the Leaver's. Mr and Mrs Leaver moved out three years ago after serial and unexplained events occurred throughout the house. No one who knew anything about this house dared to been seen any where near the daunting atmosphere of the empty house. Sarah and I were shocked at the sight of it. We had heard all the stories but never imagined it to look so real. You read about these sorts of things but they never seem to be real, it is like a made up story. The bricks were cracked and the house was leaning to one side and tiles were missing from the roof and windows were smashed. The walls seemed like they could tell so many stories of many events but there was something holding them back. Suddenly the front door swung open and banged against the wall. Sarah screamed and grabbed my arm. ...read more.


My heart was pounding faster and faster I could feel every beat pump against my chest. I became breathless and out of control. I ran to the next room praying that this was the way out as I could not take much more but as I ran as fast as I could, I tripped and stumbled to the ground. My head crashed to the floor first with the rest of my body not long after. I lay in a heap on the ground, heart beating faster than ever, gasping for breath and shaking more than you could ever imagine. My body then seemed to take over, I could no longer cope and my body gave in. I lay stranded in the centre of the room trying my hardest to move but my body would no longer let me it felt as if some one was holding me down, restraining me. I closed my eyes in hope that this would all be over. Then suddenly I felt a sense of relief fill my body all the worries and distress had gone. I felt my body lift off the ground, was I dead? Then all of a sudden, I saw a silver glint. I looked down beside me and lay on the floor was my silver crucifix. ...read more.


I had never seen her run so fast. I thought to myself was I seeing things. I had just seen the figure engulf her. Was my eyes playing tricks on me or had she somehow managed to get away. As I watched her run, I saw the crucifix half hanging out of her pocket. How could this be? I reached into my own to see if it was still there. It was gone. A smirk arose from my face. It all seemed right again. Sarah was still running. I looked unnerving at the corner in which she had just appeared but saw nothing, just a cracked wall in which ivy grew out of control. I turned to face the house full on but as I did this, I felt a pound to my head. I stumbled to the ground unable to see what had hit me. My vision became blurred and I lay unable to move, speak or see. I heard a voice. I recognised it. It was Sarah. I tried to call for her but it was impossible. Her laughter filled the grounds but as soon as it hit my ears, it faded. I could hear her footsteps fading more and more. I lay confused. Hoping someone would come and find me. It was over, no one came down here, I was stranded. Emma Jones Emma Jones ...read more.

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