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Gothic Horror Story.

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Gothic Horror Story He was running, running for his life. The murderer was closing in, a kitchen knife in each hand. "What the hell does this guy want? Why?" he thought to himself, his panting growing heavier. He looked to each side, all the houses had their lights out and no way could he reach one of the front doors before the psychopath would get to him...especially in the dark. He kept up his crazed run, his legs slowing as it dawned on him that he'd taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. "Left...I - I went right!" he cursed under his breath, "I should've gone LEFT!" He turned round, ready to face the killer but as he spun Pete felt a chilling wind rush past him. He found he couldn't breathe and as he gasped for breath he realised it was a slit on the throat. He cursed the dexterity of the murder and slowly fell to the ground with a small groan. His head thumped the cobbled floor and the blood slowly trickled from his neck, glimmering in the moonlight. An earth shattering scream... her heart beating crazily... fearful eyes scanning everything... "Why do I keep having these dreams? How? Why?" ...read more.


Even more, what was he going to do? He looked around the room, eyeing everywhere carefully. Jenny followed his eyes, looking in the directions he looked. She glanced at the walls on the on the way round. Nothing, she thought. The walls were completely empty. No one must have been living here for at least fifteen years, she decided. His eyes were moving round the room, getting closer and closer to Jenny. What was she going to do? There was not enough space to sink back into the shadows. She glanced around at the worn carpet which only seemed to be in this room in the whole house, and searched for something to use. It was there! Right in front of her eyes, she must be blind or something. Jenny bent down and picked it up. Perfect, she thought to herself. This should do nicely, very nicely indeed. She stood up, slowly, trying not to make a noise. As Jenny levelled herself she took aim at his back. Knowing she had little time before he saw her, she worked quickly. Pulling it back and getting ready to throw, Jenny stared at him viciously, thinking about whether to keep it or not. ...read more.


She looked to each side, all the houses had their lights out and no way could she reach one of the front doors before the psychopath would get to her...especially in the dark. she kept up her crazed run, her legs slowing as it dawned on her that she'd taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. "Left...I - I went right along the Y junction!" she cursed under her breath, "I should've gone LEFT!" She turned round, ready to face the killer but, as she spun, Jenny took a blow to her chest. She found she couldn't breathe and as she gasped for breath, she noticed her leg was bleeding, probably from a scrape off Rob's knife. She cursed his dexterity. "He was like 10 metres away...b-bu-but!" She jumped to the ground, dodging a swing of his Knife, but the second impaled into her chest. Jenny groaned mournfully. Sweeping her leg, she knocked him over, then climbed on top of him and pulled a dagger out of his hand, stabbing it gleefully into his ribcage, hopefully, hitting his heart. With that, her last gasps were taken away from her as she fell on top, blood dripping from both of them around the cobbled floor, lit in the moonlight. Words= 2029 Jason Dealey Gothic Horror Story Miss Kitson 10N 02/05/2007 Page 1 ...read more.

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