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Gothic Story

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Gothic Story 2002 Rozabella struggled faithfully on, her hand firmly clasping that of little Edwin. The trees around them were blacker and darker then the night itself, every crack of a branch, every owl's hoot made Rozabella's maiden heart flutter and convolse with a terrible, otherworldly terror, for it was no ordinary man who would be on their trail tonight and already her weak limbs were failing her, but terror drove them on into the black, savage woods. The thick black mud hindered their progress and Rozabella was soon sobbing with exhaustion and despair. Every sound made the pair start with fright. It was still a long way to the road and rescue when the howling of wolves silenced the night air, both stood as if frightened rabbits, the boy shaking with terror, Rozabella struggling to keep her wits. The howls were bloodthiristy and wild, their voices promised a terrible death for the prey of tonight. The prey that even now they were tracking, bounding along the track, bloody saliva dripping from their jaws, luminous red eyes piercing the night and illuminating the path before them. ...read more.


When her conciousness returned it was to quite a different sight. She was in a high ceilinged cavern, sitting in a high backed chair and their were candles blazing all around, beneath her dress her feet were bound tightly. Acting on instinct alone Rozabella, still reeling with faintness, lifted her once white dress to her knees and struggled with the cruely tight knots, but there was no way that her girlish, scholarly fingers could attempt such ropes. Suddenly a oily, lazy and cruel laugh struck her to the bone, Rozabella started up, the knots quite forgotten in her terror, it was Lord Zoltan, who seemed surly a son of Satan himself as he stood there. At least twice the breadth of an ordinary man and covered in thick body hair, his clothes were rough and splitting on his huge frame. But it was his eyes that declared his true nature, they ran, without breaking or even thinning across the bridge of his wide nose, whereas the eyes were even more terrible, there was no white in Lord Zoltan's eyes and they glowed like fire. ...read more.


For I tell you, no I warn you Lord Zoltan; he IS watching, even now, as I lye in the pit of darkness itself, he is near." Lord Zoltan's laughter threatened the walls, so loud and triumphant was it. "Ah my Rozabella, you thought death would come tonight, well rejoice, or grieve as you will for death shall not come for you tonight, nor tomorrow either, not until judgement day itself is upoun us shall you leave this earthly abode. Oh no, you will run by my side in the shape of a wild thing, when the moon is high, you will learn to crave the taste of human flesh, Tonight shall be your inituiation, the boy Edwin shall be your first, the young are so tender my love. But the moon has not yet risen and I crave some refreshment, join me". He severed the ropes that bound Rozabella's ankles and dragged the almost senseless girl to her feet. To face a table, a table set for two, a table that groaned under a golden platter; but no soulless wild thing lay upon that platter... ...read more.

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