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Gothic Story.

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Holly Sumner Gothic Story 1796- The city of London was progressively expanding. In a small neighbourhood, near the edge of the city, stood the most exquisite church ever seen. Inside the church were two figures both dressed in elegant garments. They were surrounded by a numerous amount of people and an abundance of flowers and candles. It was the wedding of Jonathon Harvey and Victoria James. They had been together for two years after meeting each other at the wedding of mutual friends Daniel and Catherine Burton. Jonathon was a very handsome, 24 year old man, who was well groomed and very polite. He knew how to treat a woman. Victoria was a brunette, who displayed classic beauty, and showed much love for Jonathon. She was a mature, sensible woman considering she was only just 19 years of age. After the wedding the couple and all their guests, went to Jonathon and Victoria's house. It was a huge mansion, which had a wonderful d�cor. The front of the house was breathtaking, and as much could be said for the rest of the house. Looking at the house you could see there were elongated stained glass windows surrounded, and partially covered, by ivy and an assortment of other climbing plants. It was one of the many properties belonging to the couple, as they had been left many by ancestors. Inside all the guests were enjoying themselves but were getting ready to say goodbye to Daniel Burton, who was one of Jonathon's work partners and also a good friend. ...read more.


Jonathon left Edward's house and went back home. Catherine is still at the house so Jonathon tells her that he is deeply sorry but she will have to move back to her house. She understands but asks Jonathon if she could stay just one more night. He says yes as he does feel quite bad about sending her home. He goes straight to bed as he has a huge headache. Before Catherine went to bed she wrote a letter for Daniel, explaining everything, and posted it. A couple of days later Jonathon received a letter from Victoria saying that he had until the end of the week to move all of his belongings out of the house and to move somewhere else. Jonathon thought that was quite mean but followed her wishes anyway as he didn't want to cause any trouble. Jonathon had moved out by the end of the week and had moved to his grandfather's castle' further into the countryside. It was an old, dark, decaying castle, plagued by an ancestral curse, filled with secret passages, haunting spirits, and portraits and statues that sprung to life. He had settled into his new home quite nicely but still missed Victoria deeply. He had wrote to her, a few times, begging for forgiveness, but not once did he receive a letter back. He had just finished writing another letter, which he would send to Victoria tomorrow. He had decided it was time for bed. He went to sleep but started dreaming of Victoria. ...read more.


They walked round for a while until they came to the room where Jonathon was. He was surprised to see he had guests but welcomed them anyway. He was confused when they suddenly started charging towards him but decided to morph into a werewolf to protect himself. By morphing into a werewolf, Jonathon had actually made it easier for them to kill him. They didn't want to kill "Jonathon the man", they wanted to kill "Jonathon the werewolf". They knew that if one died, then so would the other. They battled and fought, leaving each of them with huge claw marks. Daniel suddenly decided Jonathon's time was up. He pulled out the gun, loaded with silver bullets, out from his pocket and aimed it at Jonathon. He pulled the trigger. "Bang". All of a sudden Jonathon was lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood. It was a bit emotional as he was their friend but they knew they had done the right thing. Their next task was to find Victoria and rescue her. After an hour of searching, they finally found her. They were all so delighted. She was very weak as she had not eaten or drunk much. Edward carried her out of the building, and as she passed Jonathon she showed no remorse, whatsoever. They all returned home and went straight to bed. In the middle of the night, Victoria awoke. She went to her dressing table and took a picture of Jonathon out of her draw. She stared at if for 2 minutes, and then began to weep. She went onto her balcony and threw the picture away. She dried her eyes and went back to bed with her new love, Edward. ...read more.

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