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Gothic Story.

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Tom Buckle Gothic Story School thankfully had ended for the winter holidays and now she had some free time Jess decided that she would do something worthwhile and get a job this holiday. She spent all afternoon looking through the hundreds of ads in the local newspapers and decided on one; Responsible young adult wanted. 4 nights a week 7 - 11 o'clock Look after two children - 7 and 8. �5.00 per hour Tel-01932 401 275 Good pay for just sitting around doing nothing Jess thought. She decided to ring them up and find out if the job was still free. The phone hadn't rung once when a man's voice answered. He had a very deep gravely voice and was breathing heavily into the mouth piece. 'Hello, I'm Jess I was enquiring about the add for a baby sitter.' 'Yes. ...read more.


Either side of it were chain fences that were rattling and swinging in the wind. She looked around behind her and saw the gates closing. The path seemed to go on forever. Then through the mist she saw the house. It was old by the look of it and had stone gargoyles on the roof staring down at her. She got to the door and knocked. Almost instantly it opened. A tall man greeted Jess. 'Hello Jess. The children are asleep. You may watch TV and eat from the fridge.' He walked out of the door and disappeared in his car. Inside the house was decorated in red and black and in some rooms there was wood panelling. It was a large house and Jess took a good half hour exploring. ...read more.


Jess decided to take advantage of the free food so she went to the fridge. This family certainly wasn't vegetarian. There were plates and plates of raw meat. In fact there was nothing else. She made her way to the sitting room. There were no sofas just bare stone floors. She sat on the floor and turned on the TV. To the side of the TV there was a bowl of pork scratchings. She took a hand full and put one in her mouth where it didn't stay for long. It tasted horrible. They must be off. There was nothing on TV. The wind tapped a stick against the window. The clock ticked, ticked, ticked...She fell asleep. The sun shone through the curtains casting red over the room. The news paper fell through the door; GIRL FOUND LIMBLESS IN NEWBURY. Lynne called the number from the ad. 'Yeh, hi. Um I was wondering if the babysitting position is still free?'... ...read more.

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