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Gothic story - A crow seemed to mock my unsure movements, cracking as it made its way over the roof of the aged house.

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The night chill seemed incredibly cold. The moon sat beneath the clouds soft cover, eerie shadows were cast upon the land. A creature not a living word could describe slithered under the shadows through the deserted forest. A step carefully placed; carefully placed. A crow seemed to mock my unsure movements, cracking as it made its way over the roof of the aged house. A branch snapped breaking the sombre silence. Something in the dark moved showing its defiance - the forest shifted reluctantly to this act of violence. Face hidden, eyes locked in place, his attire not that of a typical formation shielded his decaying flesh from my view, a flowing cloak of gnarled, translucent cloth. His bare bones lay jagged and cracked; a home to the serpents that held his now-still heart in place. A dry-toothed grin met my gaze. My startled face must have been awaited. He glared with foul scarlet rivers of passion and rage. I stood as still as the night air transfixed as my warm breath formed dark clouds of mist before my eyes. It was not a face I had recognised at first. ...read more.


The competition came to an end as the nature's battle finally saw its victory. The december snow was disturbed by my violent fall to the ground. I heard no footsteps behind only a sudden gust of wind stired up the leaves beneath the soft cover of white snow. "I see you have found it, hoped you would.' There he was with a wide grin across his face, leaning against one of the swaying trees. Was this a game? Was he waiting for my outburst of anger? Was he waiting for something....or someone? " Pretty face I must say. You see, I've been thinking....long and hard...why don't you just do me a favour, go hang yourself off one of those gorgeous trees, because to be honest you owe me! It really would make my life - oh hold on....d-e-e-a-a-th a touch easier!" "Why are you doing this?" "Oh you don't know?!" he cringed pulling a distorted face. "Isn't the reason you are here is because of what happened twelve years back? I have been waiting for you every day and night, that's the good thing about being dead, you don't sleep!" ...read more.


'This time you remain right here' what was meant by that I did not recognise but it sure didn't sound right. Was I dead too? Shivers ran up my spine and arms. Looking down I saw the pure white snow beneath my hand camouflaged beneath, no footsteps, not a single twig, not even a slightest shade of grey. This sure wasn't paradise, how could a place of such beauty contain a devil? I lay there. My legs became stronger as time passed:strong enough for me to stand up. I staggered slowly towards the frosty waters of the lake. My urge increased. My life would have ended one way or another, or has it already? I could not stand the thought or immortality, I could not live any longer knowing, remembering the dripping blood of my family. This was my fault. I had no one now and I guessed I must pay the price. I edged closer to the lake until the water filled my boots. I must go on. The wind forcefully pushed me further. A rose of black colour dropped upon the water. A leaf slowly floated down and froze upon the lake as my life began to die. I must go on......I must. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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