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Government tell us what to do

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We are the way we are because the government tells us what to do and how to behave and not because of ourselves. What is your opinion? From a small town to a cosmopolitan city on an island bustling with economic and social activity, Singapore has ensured our place in the modern world as we have an economic status better than other developed nations and a multitude of races. To further improve, the 'Keep Singapore Clean" campaign had also told us to make Singapore clean and to rid indiscriminate littering and poor environmental conditions, so that with the cleanliness, we could boost our economy and make Singapore a better place. ...read more.


The government has taken good care of us, and sometimes over-protective, there is no need for us to be concerned and worried about almost anything in this country. With the good life the government had given us, Singaporeans are more dependent and are reluctant to take risks. Being in our comfort zone, this allows us to turn a blind eye to the political scene and we just have to focus on what we are supposed to do, such as studies and work. Hence, we might even forget about our social graces, and this explains the hostility. ...read more.


Firstly, we had the "Kindness, Bring it on" campaign to improve on our social graciousness. Since we are dependent on the government, we follow what the government tell us how to behave i.e. to display kindness. Therefore with the government tell us what to do and how to behave, we are more cautious with our actions and behaviours. As we speak Singlish today, many people will naturally correct us to speak good English. Also, we are more aware not to litter or spit so that we can maintain our clean environment, all these show that the governments have successfully shape us into what they want us to be. ...read more.

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