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Governments evolve according to people's necessities. The book, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding clearly displays the progression from being civilized to savagery of boys stranded on an island.

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Uta Guo Per 7 A Republic to Dictatorship Governments evolve according to people's necessities. The book, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding clearly displays the progression from being civilized to savagery of boys stranded on an island. When the boys first arrived to the island, they voted on establishing some sort of a republic, which includes one leader, Ralph to lead the party to vote on certain issues. As time goes on, a dictator rises, Jack, a choir leader who insisted on rules. Jack led his tribe away from the first established republic, taking away most of the boys, leading them to extreme savagery. What drove those boys to follow an irrational dictatorship rather than a republic governed by reason? Three forces is responsible: shift in government on the island, the "republic" had is incomplete, Ralph is not a leader; Jack knew what the boys want. The progressions to savagery might have been delayed if the first established republic was complete. The first version of government the boys decided to have is a "republic". The republic contains a leader, Ralph, leading the boys to complete the appropriate tasks. ...read more.


"Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh. The desire to squeeze and hurt was over mastering." (147). From this quote, Ralph is no different from any other boy in Jack's tribe. He too has an urge to stab and kill. At the situation above he was parted from his usual composure of being rational to being an animal too. This stimulation has another significance of authority to it. Ralph should have done something to break up that ritual. Jack at that time was showing much of his splendor. The last thing for any leader to see is his opponent looking more beautiful than himself. Another fault of Ralph's is not using his resources properly, Piggy. One advice Piggy gives when Ralph challenges Jack. " 'Now you done it. You been rude to the hunters'" (125). The wonderful organization of power in the island in Piggy's mind is shown, but Ralph disregards it. He disregards many of Piggy's advice before. What saved Ralph from losing all he had is his calmness. Piggy still remained faithful because Ralph is still sensible whilst Jack was becoming more savage. ...read more.


Jack lost his senses but he knew what the boys want, he gave it to them. Using common sense the boys supported him as time goes on. Ralph is left with the same dreary democratic thoughts. There will be no perfect government; there will be always exceptions to the rules. But there are a few goals government should accomplish, safety, nutrition and rights. Even though these seem to be very simple wishes to fulfill, but there are always conflicts. None of the leaders were successful in Lord of the Flies accomplishing those goals. The mentors of the rational leader died, causing the loose of direction of Ralph. Jack with his simple sense of savagery along with the others fits to the flow more therefore resulting him having control of being a dictator. The boys always followed the one they believed as "right". Any person who knows what the people want and could enforce the "wants" and impact the community will get support. People in the 21st century have become more civilized. Equality and liberty has become a virtue and common goal. Any government with laws oppressing the liberty and rights of the people is scorned upon. Who could imagine a group of civilized boys becoming more like our ancestors? Situations change. A person's needs changes, therefore causing any shift of government. ...read more.

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