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Grace Nichols is a poet who has written poems about immigration.

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Mr. Barlin English essay: Grace Nichols poems Ross Aylard Grace Nichols is a poet who has written poems about immigration. These three poems that will be compared in these essays are all written by her and about the experience of immigration. However not all of them are necessarily from her point of view. 'Island Man' has been from a man's point of view. In 'My Gran visits England' the poem may be written from her point of view but the poem focuses on the Gran and how she looks upon immigration. In 'Wherever I Hang' Grace Nichols explores the differences between Guyana and England. "And de humming bird splendour" This line is a metaphor of what Grace Nichols sees Guyana as. The humming bird is the animal that represents the country, Beautiful, colourful, small and modest can all be used to describe both the country and the bird. "Among the pigeons and the snow" This line gives Grace Nichols impression of England. The pigeon can be described as dull, grey and ugly. Again this is also how she sees England. There also seems to be so many of them looking so similar that you cannot tell them apart. ...read more.


Then it could be more of a wish than a dream to go back to his home country instead of staying in England. This shows his has a large desire to go back there as he may be unhappy in England. The reasons why are also given in the poem. The poem 'Island man' uses certain subtle techniques to show the differences between England and the Caribbean such as the sun. "The sun surfacing defiantly" Grace Nichols uses figurative language to describe the sun. The man dreams of the sun surfacing defiantly in the Caribbean. This could mean that when in the Caribbean, the sun is always shining on you, but in England this does not happen. Many people associate the English weather with rain so this is how the two countries are viewed differently. In 'Wherever I Hang' Grace Nichols describes the pain that she feels when she immigrates to England "Yes, divided to the ocean Divided to be bone" She may have felt that she did not want to immigrate but she had no choice and that is why she feels divided. This kind of situation would no doubt create some feelings of pain and hurt. ...read more.


Perhaps it is the dream that gives this line a fantasy sense. At the same time the writer could also be using a method which just compacts the poem. Instead of saying that he saw the blue sea, white surf and listened to the sound of the waves breaking, she has chosen just a few select ones but the line is still readable. Grace Nichols has shown through these poems the different ways in which people who have immigrated react to the situation. Unfortunately most of these reactions have been negative and seem to reject the change in their lives. This gives me the impression that perhaps not enough is being done to help people to immigrate and get through some of the problems that they will face. One of the problems that is emulated in all the poems is the English language. In all the poems there are places where English is not written in the correct way. Many people who immigrate do not know the English language and find it difficult to get jobs and even do everyday tasks because of it. If they were able to take lessons as soon as they get here, or maybe even before, perhaps they would get a better start than they do now. ...read more.

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