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Grandfather sat in his armchair relaxing.

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English Coursework Grandfather sat in his armchair relaxing in his grey slippers, and cardigan, he sat slouched in the chair staring up at the ceiling, at his feet was a small table on it was a few digestive biscuits and a cup of tea. His daughter walked past him and asked, "Is everything alright? Dad?" "Yes, everything is fine" he sighed, His daughter looked upon him with pity, and said" Don't worry I know something that'll cheer you up soon," and as she said that she turned to look at the grandfather clock up against the wall and then the front door, there was a moment of silence, the only sounding in the atmosphere was the sound of ticking and tocking by the clock. Just then a ding-dong came from the bell at the front door. Grandfather raised his head in curiosity as his daughter opened the door, a young but at the same time mature woman stepped into the house, it was Alice, she wore a white winter jacket with matching gloves and a pair of beige coloured trousers. ...read more.


I might not have long left!" thought grandfather. "Why can't I see them now?" he spoke out aloud. Alice looked at her grandfather then looked away, and said "Steve says that....." Before she could finish her sentence, she was cut off by her grandfather, he complained that she should do as she wishes and not listen to Steve all the time. "Why aren't you looking me in the eye,?" Asked grandfather, "What has he been doing to you"? "Nothing grandfather" Alice replied, It's...n-n-nothing. Something was troubling Alice and grandfather knew about it, But because of the long time Alice spent away from his company, he felt bitter and wasn't really interested, "So how is Steve as a husband?" Grandfather asked, Is he a good husband, Does he look after the kids and help 'round the house, does tell you he loves you and treat.... And just as grandfather was going to finish his sentence, the sound of Alice Crying cut him off, "He is seeing another woman!" ...read more.


And grandfather told of how much he missed her, but his stubborn attitudes refuse to let him show emotions, The time now came for Alice to leave, she said her farewells to her mother and hugged her grandfather, "Goodbye, granddad", She whispered in his ear,"I love you" and as she said this she took his hand and placed in his palm a little golden brouche, in shape if a bird, it had little diamonds for the eyes, that sparkled, as Alice left through the door and through the pathway, she turned backed and waved goodbye took her grandfather, with a tear in her eye, but knowing they had both buried the hatchet. And as grandfather waved goodbye, a tear rolled down his cheek. He clasped the little gifted in his hand and closed the door, wiped the tear away and went back to his seat, he was now able to rest easy knowing that his Granddaughter loved him. ...read more.

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