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Granny project

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Granny project scene - Remembrance (This scene is set after the last scene of the real book "The Granny Project".) Children walk through door solemnly granny's hair (made by wig) is poking out form underneath covers. Children's face is of disbelief. They all cry. Blackout (Nick is standing on stage and just spotlight on him) Nicholas: You see grandma was dead and everyone was sad apart from Natasha who was relatively happy. She seemed a huge burden had been lifted off her back rather than Ivan. We went to the funeral everyone cried apart from mum. Natasha: Tssssk! Nicholas: Anyway we sat down at supper and discussed are most fond memories of our grandmother. ...read more.


Children: You're turning like Gran, your mumbling. Dad: Oh be quiet kids this is no way to treat me when my mums just died don't debase me kids that's no way to treat your father. Any way in our house in Wrexham I had taken the post in and your grandmother, my mother and Natasha your mother in law was asleep on the sofa, she was snoring away and I decided to go through the post, you know how boys are, deceitful, unsightly, odious little things. I rummaged through the post and in the post I found a small parcel saying "To my darling Edwina" that's was your grandmothers name. ...read more.


Its nauseating what you did to us you like some hefty infant. Dad: It's sad what's happened my mothers deceased she was my only person who under stood me. I'm just taking my trauma out on you kids and its unreasonable, sorry. Tanya: This is why are grandma was so good she was a link for the family now that she's gone we've all become weak links. Nicholas: Its time to play the weakest link. Everyone apart from Nicholas: SHUTUP NICHOLAS Sophie: Well then that's it the links gone we have got to be stronger for each other. Nicholas: Have you finished these cheesy speeches. Dad: I've had enough of your quips all evening. Sophie: Be strong guys. That's what's got to happen be strong. By Philip Howard 8P ...read more.

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