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Great Expectations.

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Liz Elliott Great Expectations Great Expectations is a novel about the progressing interesting life story of Phillip Piripin, known in this story as Pip. Pip is a young boy from a poor, working class background, his only living relative is his older sister who is only known as Mrs Joe to us during the book. She took Pip in and brought him up by hand when their parents and remaining family died. Mrs Joe is very blunt and bad tempered with Pip. She is married to the village blacksmith, Joe Gargery, which is very kind and uneducated. This story was set in early Victorian times in England when great social changes were made. ...read more.


One day Pip is taken by his arrogant Uncle Pumblechook to play at Satis House, the home of the wealthy Miss Havisham (who has not seen day light for many years as she was left at the alter when she was a lot younger). During this visit here, Pip meets a beautiful young girl named Estella, who unfortunately treats him very coldly. For a good time Pip travels back and fourth to the Satis house to visit Miss Havisham and he becomes closely acquainted with her. However, more significantly, he grows very fond of Estella despite her terrible treatment of him. Nevertheless, he falls in love with her and dreams of someday becoming a wealthy gentleman so that he might be worthy of her love. ...read more.


Pip's story has one main point: no matter what happens to a person in their life, a person cannot change who they are inside. Pip does not realize this at first however. From the time he met Estella and Miss Havisham, Pip tried to change himself to fit a mould that he thought they desired. He began simply, learning to read and write. As time went on, and his circumstances changed, Pip pulled farther and farther away from where he came from and in doing that, who he was. Great Expectations is a story that the public can relate to because at some point, everyone goes through the struggles that Pip must battle. It shows that possessions and wealth do not change who people are inside. ...read more.

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