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Great Expectations.

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Page 1 of 3 From pages 60-61 the history shows us that what they wore sort of reflected on what they were selling like when Pip describes the corduroys that the shop keeper is wearing to the seeds in one of his draws because he sells seeds it says about this " I hardly knew which was which". Also the shop people have longer hours of work they run from 7:00am to 8:00pm. What Pip also found strange is that all the shop owners used to look at each through there shop windows apart from the watch maker who is always getting on with his work because of all his customers he had. Also everyone's attitude towards children used to be so different back then you used to be able to hit them but now a days you can be put away in jail this shows how things change and how long ago it was. Also from pages 60-61 we find out that Mr Pumblechook character changes from being all nice and happy to Pip to treating Pip with no respect this might have change because Pip's sister is not there so Mr Pumblechook tells him things like "you're a horrible little boy". ...read more.


Stella to show Page 2 of 3 How superior she is to Pip she calls him 'boy'. Stella always locks and bolts the gate the side gates and the front door. Stella also has lack of consideration for Pip because she leaves him in the dark before he goes into the room to see Miss Haversham, this is also reflected in her character because Stella has been brought up to be unkind. The character in page 62 is mixed Pip is very curious during this page this is shown when it says 'Pip peeped in'. Miss Haversham has all her doors locked and bolted because she doesn't want to mix with society. She also uses Stella to get revenge on society by using Pip. Stella has to be as nasty as possible to Pip because Miss Haversham's heart is broken so she wants Stella to copy her by using Pip. The plan also works well because Pip idolises Stella, which would mean that Pip would do anything for her. ...read more.


Pip's first impression is good but then his eyes get used to the dark and he realises that Miss Haversham has a tatty old wedding dress on he also notices that all the clocks have stopped, he points this out to Miss Haversham she just says that this is when her heart got broken. The character in pages 68-69 shows Stella doesn't like Pip, you can tell this when she sets out to humiliate him by calling him things like 'labouring boy'. She also notices that he's got 'course hands' which shows that he works with his hands, this was only done by the lower class. When Pip is being humiliated he doesn't dare respond to it because high society people can make you rich one day so he remains polite. Pages 68-69 have good language because it describes things so that you can picture it in your mind, like when the writer describes Sati's house to us by using the words 'corpse-like' which would suggest that it was horrible and a decaying place. Also Stella uses the house as power to rule over men so this means although the house is 'corpse-like' it still shows wealth and power. ...read more.

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