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Great Expectations

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Looking at how dickens creates tension in chapter one of great expectations. Focus on the historical and social contexts and language. (800 words) Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens, one of his purposes was to create tension and suspense throughout the whole novel. Dickens wanted to show that life isn't always perfect; there are people who suffer heartache. The story could be a representation of how Dickens may have felt as a child and growing up. The novel is based on a small boy called Pip. He never had any memories of his parents as they died when pip was a young child. From the first chapter Pip talks about his parents and how he perceives them to be. Dickens creates tension in many forms: using the language, the environment in which the scene is set and also the through the imagery created due to the description. ...read more.


Dickens wants to show the reader of the difficult time Pip may have had not being brought up in a loving environment. Dicken creates this by writing it in the first person and by setting a quiet, serene atmosphere. Dickens starts the novel with a short first paragraph describing Pips character which creates great tension for the reader as the first scene is set at a graveyard. He expresses where he may have got his different features from as he stares at his parent's tombstone day by day. At this point the reader feels great sympathy for Pip as he mentions the word 'tombstone', this relates to death which is a terrible thought. Dickens may have expressed this type of heartache and tension in the novel as this maybe something which happens in many peoples lives. all the theories Pip had come up with about his family although they may have been quite childish and immature the reader can understand from what point of view Pip is looking towards and about his inner emotions. ...read more.


Why is the first paragraph really short? - He wants to show his identity and his name and how he came about. - He tries to visualise his parents from the tombstone. Makes the reader sympathise towards pip. - He refers to his sister as Mrs Joe Gargery.perhaps he doesn't regard her as family. - Contrasting with his family name. He sees himself as different from his sister. As the sister has a different name and has a title (Mrs). - His first visions regarding what they were like were not realistic. As he learnt from the parents tombstones. He has no memories or other people's memories, this is seen as morbid. Or photographs just tombstones. Guess what his parents were like. - Author is trying to make us feel sympathy. The tombstone was eroded. Dark not shiny. - The setting reveals how it may have bin for pip growing up. The character helps to reveal the more about the setting. - Even thought it was childish conclusion, we can understand as a reader why he drew these conclusions. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dipanjit Vig ...read more.

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