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Great Expectations.

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Great Expectations Charles Dickens makes the reader feel part of the way of life with his descriptions of the forge, the marshes and pips relationship with his sister Mrs Gargery and her husband Joe. Pip had lived with them for as long as he could remember. The way Dickens describes life at the forge, was cold and dark, not cold in the heat sense but the atmosphere in the house was ruled by Mrs Joe who was a cold and forbidding woman, who treated both Pip and Joe as naughty schoolboys. The house was very unwelcoming which the author describes in terms of dark places with only the fire giving out any light or heat. Pip was a quiet and introverted boy who spent most of his time alone, walking on the moss and also in the graveyard. His parents were buried there with his five brothers. Mrs Joe Gargery Pip's older sister had taken him in after the rest of the family had died, she didn't want to but was obliged and never let him forget it. This is what had made Pip lack so much self confidence in himself because of her constant nagging and making sure that he knew was only there under sufferance. ...read more.


She picked up a candle which was lodged in the wall; it didn't give out much light just long and eerie shadows. They came to a door she opened it and gestured for Pip to go in. Trying to be polite Pip said 'after you Miss' then she replied in her arrogant way 'Don't be ridiculous I am not going in' and then stormed off down the long corridor taking the candle with her. Pip was left alone in the dark feeling uncomfortable and more than a little frightened. He knocked on the door and a voice from inside told him to come in. This room was large and lit with lots of candles but without any daylight. From the style of the furniture in the room Pip thought it was probably a ladies dressing room. Prominent in the room was a dressing table with a large gilded mirror. Sat at a table in a large armchair was the strangest Lady pip had ever seen, she had white hair and was dressed all in white. Her dress was made of very rich materials, satin, lace and fine silk. She had bridal flowers in her hair, with a long white veil. ...read more.


Estella left Pip in the courtyard while she went to prepare food. When she left him Pip kept looking at his coarse hands and thick boots they had never before looked coarse or common, and decided to as Joe why they called those cards Jacks instead of Knaves. Estella reappeared with a mug of beer and some bread and meat. She put it down on the yard, without even looking at Pip but he could feel the contempt that she had for him. She eventually did look at Pip with disgust in her eyes, by this time Pip was full of all kinds of emotions, ha was angry, offended and hurt but most off all he was deeply humiliated, his eyes were filling with tears, Estella saw these tears and a look of delight came upon her face, it was as if she had achieved exactly what she had set out to do. After she left, Pip wanted to hide so that the tears he was trying to keep in check could flow freely, he cried and cried with the tears came his realisation that his upbringing had done him no favours. His sister's injustice had made Pip into a very timid and sensitive child. Without knowing it, this and consequent visitors instilled in Pip a hope for a better future with maybe some great expectations. 3 ...read more.

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