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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Charles Dickens (Eighteen-twelve to Eighteen-seventy) is still today one of the most widely read Victorian authors. Born in Portsmouth in Eighteen-twelve, Dickens was the second son of a clerk in the Navy pay-office. Like many of those portrayed in his novels, Charles Dickens had a traumatic childhood. At the age of twelve Dickens' father was sent to Marshelsea prison because he had huge debt problems. Dickens was then put to work in a blacking warehouse. Memories of this time traumatised him through out his life. Dickens had his first break in Eighteen-thirty four when he became a reporter for the Morning Chronicle, he reported on Parliamentary debates. ...read more.


In the first chapter of Great Expectations we meet a young lad called Phillip Pirrip but everyone just called him Pip. He is going to visit the gravestones of his parents and his brother. He talks about how he has an idea of what sort of person his parents were by the writing on their gravestones. "The letters on my father's gave me the odd idea that he was a square, stout, dark man, with curly black hair." Also the impression of his mother was "freckled and sickly." Beside the grave of his mother were "five stone lozenges, each about a foot and a half long". These stones represented his brothers that "gave up trying to get a living exceedingly early in that universal struggle". ...read more.


and a file. While the 'fearful man' is walking away from Pip he comes to some sort of decision that the man is a convict of some sort. Then Pip got frightened and ran home. During this chapter we are introduced to Pip with his grim family history, the convict and we find out who Pip lives with (Mrs Joe Gargery and her husband Mr Joe Gargery) Pip himself is describing these events and he dose through the whole book. In this chapter the two main characters are Pip and the Convict. Both of them are described quite well. Pip is seen as a young orphaned boy who lives with his sister and her husband. And the convict is displayed as a threatening mad man that has been put through hell. ...read more.

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