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Great expectations

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How dose Charles Dickens create tension and suspense for the reader in chapter one of "Great expectations" It is exciting and important in chapter one of great expectations because its drags the readers into by making the reader want to find out what happens all of the time. In this story the reader feels sorry for Pip and makes you read on by making you want to find out what the future has in store for him. What happens in chapter one is that Pip is in a grave yard looking over his past on parents when he gets attacked by a convict, The convicts tell Pip to get whittles and a file or the convict said he would eat the Pips liver. ...read more.


The Victorian setting is shown by the fact that pips Pip's parents and also 5 of his brothers have died because at that time period there was numerous death counts. Pip is the narrator of dickens's book is the main character of the story title "great expectations" with suggests that he is going to do successful things when he grows up. He is described as an "infant tongue" with suggests he is young, and also to support that conclusion in the 2nd paragraph it says "I drew a childish conclusion" witch also suggest he is young and childish. In the story Dickens wants the reader to feel sorry for Pip, Even when he becomes more intolerant of his surroundings further on in the story when he basically becomes a snob. ...read more.


Magwitch tells Pip that he is going to "slit his throat" it creates suspense by making the reader think if Magwitch will actually kill him. But the reader feels sorry for him, as dickens tells the reader that Magwitch has been "soaked in water, smothered in mud, lamed by stones, and cut by flints, and stung by nettles, and ton by briars; who limped and shivered" etc. he dose this to give the reader mixed emotions. In conclusion the writer has created tension by making the reader see mixed emotions about the way the characters are feeling and how they react. The introduction of the story creates suspense because Charles Dickens makes the reader want to no the name of the character(Magwitch) and doesn't get revealed until further on in the story. James Tully ...read more.

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