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great expectations

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What does dickens give of the two characters at the start of "Great Expectations" and what atmosphere does he create? Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens first serialised in All the Year Round from 1 December 1860 to August 1861. The action of the story takes place from Christmas Eve, 1812, when the protagonist is about seven years old, to the winter of 1840. Great Expectations is written in a semi- autobiographical style, and is the story of the orphan Pip, tracing his life from his early days of childhood until adulthood. The story can also be considered semi-autobiographical of Dickens, like much of his work, drawing on his experiences of life and people. Dickens presensts Pip as a young civial innocent little boy, and magwitch as an evil but mysterious character. He creates an atmosphere of foreboding and tension, as if something important is going to happen between these two characters sometime in the furture. ...read more.


Pips thoughts and feelings influecne how we understand the story. At the start he is really anormal and principled, even thouh he is scared of the convict he takes control and takes care of him. He focuses on his negative points, so we as readers have to concentrate and work hard to understand his true character, this contrasts with him later on in the novel. He uses euphemism "five little brothers of mine-who gave up trying to get a living, exceedingly early in that universal struggle."-my brothers are dead, this directly contrasts to Magwitch. "Hold your noise!" cried a terrible voice, as a man started up from among the graves at the side of the church porch. "Keep still, you little devil, or I'll cut your throat!" with this Magwitch is trying to bribe him in getting the Convicts some food. Throughtout the novel Dickens gives no indication of the Convict's furture in Pip's life, he does create a sense that he will return largely by building sense of mystery around the man's situatuion and around his relationship to the second Convict Pips encounters in the marsh. ...read more.


Throughtout the whole contexted he is remained as unmaned. In the opening chapter he is only called "the man" or "he". The readers are left wondering whi he is and what he has done, why he escaped and how he escaped. Through the beginning of the the play the story is left unsaid so this gives the impression that they will return later in the novel. The aspect of mystery creates tension for the readers, sence of the unknown. We do not know when or where he will return, but we as readershave a sence that we don not see the last of him and he will be back. The scene and atmosphere of the Graveyard is delict, damp, cold, dark and shivers all round. The howling winds are rustling through his hairs on his parm, hangman's poles in the background creates a sense of foreboding. "Bleak", "dead", "dark flat wilderness", "raw afternoon", "overgrown", "scavage", "shivers". These quotes create a sense of spook and sends a cold shiver right down your spine. ...read more.

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