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Great Expectations

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Great expectations How does Dickens make his characters memorable and striking? Charles Dickens is a man that wrote many novels to fascinate us, and his stories want to make the reader read on. Therefore in this essay I will be looking at great expectations and how he makes his characters memorable and striking to the reader. The two characters I will be looking at is miss Havisham and the convict, Also how Dickens creates his characters to be more than what they seem when we first meet them. When we first meet Pip and the convict Dickens starts to describe the way the churchyard is set out on a 'raw afternoon towards evening' The nettles in the yard are overgrown which most likely indicates that nobody hardly goes there. The description of 'the dark flat wilderness beyond the churchyard' suggests that there is nothing to be seen which gives a strong feeling that something may happen to Pip as he visits his mothers and Fathers Tombstones in the churchyard. Dickens also tells us that Pip lives ' a mile or more from the church' which means that Pip is isolated from anything. 'The church jumped over its own weather-cock.' This is personification to emphasise the force the convict uses towards Pip. On the other hand we meet miss Havisham who appears in 'a pretty large room,' that was 'well lit with wax candles' which gives us the impression that she is quite rich. ...read more.


'She had a long white veil dependant from her hair, and she had bridal flowers in her hair, but her hair was white.' This quote relates back to when she was abandoned at the altar by her husband to be. The impression given is that, Miss Havisham was still wearing the veil which I think gives a clear idea that she was heartbroken about what had happened to her that day, and hasn't got over it for the past 20 years. 'She had but one shoe on' this seems very strange because earlier on in the novel it describes how Miss Havisham is abandoned at the altar and would have made her feel like she had bad luck. Therefore a shoe on a table is a sign of bad luck and maybe it is representing what has happened to Miss Havisham. 'With her handkerchief, and gloves, and some flowers, and a prayer book.' In this quote it really sums up about the marriage with Miss Havisham because all the things that are mentioned are to do with being married for example, Most of the time brides wear gloves on their wedding day, Brides would definitely have some sort of flowers which they would carry round with them, and most of all the prayer book is the biggest sign towards a marriage and if Miss Havisham still has the book with her it must have been a hard time for her. ...read more.


'Come nearer, let me look at you. Come close' her first tone that she uses against Pip I think is to see how Pip reacts with her. She is commanding to Pip and letting him know that she is in control. 'Look at me.' 'You are not afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born.' Again Miss Havisham is questioning Pip testing his boundaries to see how he reacts to her. 'Do you know what I touch here?' (she said laying her hands, one upon the other, on her left side.) she is indicating to Pip her heart which has been broken, she has questioned Pip to see how he reacts. ' I have done with men and women' This quote by Miss Havisham is showing that she is really bothered about what happened to her that day of her wedding, because not only is she telling Pip she has had it with men, she has now also mentioned women. This could maybe mean that she had friends that she has lost over the years. These kind of things that Miss Havisham says makes the reader pitiful towards her. But she is not the kind of person we should feel sorry for n show sympathy to, because behind it all she is really just a messed up woman who has had troubles and is trying to take it out on every man she can, but using her fostered daughter, Estella to be the culprit. ...read more.

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