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Great Expectations.

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Great Expectations By Zaheer Abbas Great Expectations is an Evergreen Novel Written by a magnificent author called Charles Dickens. Great Expectation is a story of Young pip, Philip Pirrip, the main character. Pip Has great expectations to be an upper class and not live like a normal working class all of his life. This novel charts the way that pip grows and how his hunger to improve life increases by many characters in this novel. This Novel is a Bildungsroman Genre. This can be said as this genre often focuses on points like self-development and not only this but a Bildungsroman is also autobiographical. Great expectations focuses on these points. A Bildungsroman is also about how an individual has a desire to improve life and faces problems and how he/she matures from child into an adult. In this novel Pip is the Narrator meaning he is showing the world of Victorian time from his point of view this an advantage which the reader has because Pip is the main character and the reader has a sense of what he feels and to what extent his desire to improve life goes. ...read more.


This important aspect is the class system. In the Victorian era there ruled Aristocracy. This means that they divided people into different classes. These classes were Upper class; these people were very wealthy and didn't struggle in life and were thought to be very high. The next class was Middle class; they were also treated respectfully but they were not as wealthy or as high as Upper class. Nowadays if we were to put people in classes most of us would probably fall into middle class criteria. The last class was working class; these people were the ones that struggled to live and had to be treated liked animals. Joe was a Working class and because Joe was a working class Pip also had to be a working class. Sadly pip was very dissatisfied with this and wanted to change this. This shows us that as Charles dickens was the author of this he must have felt the same about this ridiculous class system. However when Pip meets Estella he becomes ashamed of himself as he sees the house he starts to change and compares himself to the upper class people. ...read more.


Pips desire to be an upper class and to be rich is evened out when pip willingly goes to school as he is aiming high. Joe didn't go to school and instead learnt of his father. This intends that maybe Joe never wanted to be something high. When I started this essay I started of by exploring how much of a normal child Pip was but the wonderful creation of Dickens showed us all how Pip changed by meeting different people and how the Bildungsroman genre kicked in by Showing how badly Pip wanted to improve his life and how his desire to be an upper class. We see how this desire of an individual caused him to move to an unknown city and how he forgot about the people that best cared for him such as Joe and Mrs Gargery. This was how Charles dickens' wonderful creation made Pip from a child not caring about what class he or the people around him were to a superior Pip who did start to feel ashamed of his class and the people around him and had a sense of shame about his home which he later regretted. Without a shadow of a doubt this has been one of the best novel I have ever read and probably the best Charles Dickens ever thought of and wrote. ...read more.

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