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Great Expectations

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Chris Slade 01/04/02 Great Expectations The novel Great Expectations by Charles Dickens tells the tale of a boy called Pip. In this essay I am going to see how the people around him influenced the way he grew up and if he eventually does become a gentleman. At the beginning of the novel Pip, is shown to be a vulnerable, sensitive child. "Don't cut my throat, sir,' I pleaded in terror". In this quotation Pip is pleading for his life while the escaped convict Magwitch is holding him upside down. This shows how vulnerable he is. Pip being turned upside by Magwitch is a metaphor for what will happen later on in life. He lost all his possessions when turned upside down and so that will happen later on in life. From the moment he met Magwitch his total life was turned upside down as it would never be the same again. Due to Magwitch scaring him he does steal the food and tools but then later regrets it and fears being punished for it. This shows is sensitive side but also that he has morals, as he knows stealing is a bad thing to do. ...read more.


Before he met her he had no prospects or reason to live life. His sister beat him; he was getting a limited education and would eventually train to become a blacksmith. She taught Pip about dreams and that you should always try to achieve them. Later on in life, Pip still idolises Estella. Despite going there separate ways they eventually meet again at the satis house. "What I had never seen before was a saddened, soft light of once proud eyes; what I had never felt before was the friendly touch of the invisible hand" Pip sees that Estella's eyes have changed since the death of her mentor Miss Havisham. Now, they are the windows to her soul and as Miss Havisham no longer owns her soul they are wide, open and bright. Estella finally became her own person. This teaches Pip to be your self and not to be ruled by other people. It is important that you find your own way of doing things and not just following over people. Later on in the book, we find out some of the mysteries that plagued us earlier on. ...read more.


This shows how uneducated Joe is. Pip learns a lot from Joe. Despite feeling ashamed of him at one stage he still goes back to him for advice and comfort. He sees Joe as an idol as he has taught him so much and he recognises the qualities that a true friend should have. Pips perception changes throughout the novel. The main change is when he is very ill. He feels as if he has so much to give to others after he has had so much done for him. He is there when Magwitch dies because he wants to be, not because he should. Magwitch became a second father to him and although he repents when the fortune goes he still loves him. Many other changes happen such as Estella marrying Drummle and Joe marrying Biddy. Despite this Pip carries on. This means he has developed his own personality. Overall, Pip does finally accomplish his dream of becoming a true gentleman but really did he need to go to London to realise this. He has spent his life living up to others expectations and despite making some mistakes along the way, learns from them. Pip matured and developed due to other peoples influences on him. He used all the good in the people around him to make himself into an even better person. ...read more.

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