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Great Expectations

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edDiscuss the relationship between Pip and Magwitch in the first five chapters of the novel and the way Dickens creates atmosphere through the setting. Pip is the protagonist in 'Great Expectations'. The narrative voice is also Pip's voice. The novel 'Great Expectations' is about a young orphan who lives with her sister. The novel is based on what his life was like with her sister and how it changed to a very wealthy life. Another important character is Magwitch. He is a convict on the run. At first Magwitch in not known to us but slowly Dickens makes him the second important character. His relationship develops with Pip when Pip helps him. In the first chapter Charles Dickens introduces us to Pip. His full name is Philip Pirrip. When he was an infant he could not pronounce his first or last name. So he shortened his name to Pip. This chapter also shed light on the fact that Pip goes to the churchyard to pay tribute to his dead parents and five little brothers who are also "dead and buried". ...read more.


This scares him even more. When Pip describes him "A man who had been...stunk by nettles, cut by flints" Dickens gives us the full picture of Magwitch through an extended list of verbs that suggest ill treatment. This shows that he has been through a lot of things and still has a lot to do. If a person is in this situation, he will definitely ask for help. In this chapter both Pip and Magwitch do not show their loyalty as they do in other Chapters. This is the first time they meet and to Magwitch Pip is not really important at this moment of time. However in Pip's mind he has become the main priority. In Chapter three Pip has proven himself loyal. He gets up early in the morning to get wittles and a file for Magwitch. When he says "I got up and went down stairs; every board upon the way, and every crack in every board, calling after me, "Stop thief!" and "Get up, Mrs. Joe!" it means he is prepared for the job he was going to do. ...read more.


In chapter five Magwitch gets caught and arrested for fighting the other convict. Magwitch does not have any chains tied to him because he took them off with the help of Pip. However the other convict has many. Both of these convicts were fighting near the marches. When the soldiers catch them. Both Pip and Joe were with them. When Magwitch sees Pip, Pip shakes his head; this was a sign to tell Magwitch that Pip didn't call the police. Surprisingly Magwitch understands that. This is another moment where Trust has developed the strongest between them. Magwitch, while getting arrested, realises that Pip may get in trouble because he brought the pie for him. To solve this by saying by saying to Joe "I'm sorry to say, I've eat your pie". Since Joe knows that Magwitch may have stolen the pie he or Mrs Joe would not ask Pip questions, which will, eventually, save him. For the help Pip gave him, Magwitch returns it by saving him. This also shows that Magwitch is loyal to Pip as well. This will be the last time Pip sees Magwitch in his childhood. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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