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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens, it is about a young boy called Pip, his personal feelings and his life as he is growing up. In this essay I will explore the language techniques, behaviour, physical details and how it affects Pip. In the opening chapter, Pip meets Magwitch in a graveyard. Magwitch appears from the moors next to the graveyard, covered in mud and dirt; this is because Magwitch previously escaped from a transportation ship. I think Dickens sets this scene in a graveyard to show that Magwitch is a mysterious and dark character; I think the graveyard also suggests that there is an element of danger. ...read more.


Another character is Miss Havisham. We first meet Miss Havisham in a dull and dusty room, where she lives. The room is covered in various old and withered items, also in the room is a stopped clock, the hands stuck on the time her heart was broken, 8:40, this was the time she was supposed to be married, but was jilted by her husband to be. Miss Havisham is heartbroken, and from the time she was jilted, it appears that time has stopped for her and she has given up on life, it appears as if she can't let go of the past. ...read more.


Dickens has created two characters, (Miss Havisham and Magwitch.) That is almost completely the opposite of each other. Magwitch is a poor, rough, and aggressive man where as, Miss Havisham is a timid, shy and rich woman. There is however, one similarity between the two characters. This is in the way they treat Pip, both characters are quite mean and harsh with Pip, but at the same time care about him. Magwitch is physically unkind to Pip, for example when he steals his food and threatens him, but Miss Havisham asks Estella to break Pips heart, which is more mental rather than physical abuse. ...read more.

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