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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations. Introduction Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations in 1860. The book was first serialized but over the years it was created into one novel. He set the story in around 1812 to around 1840. The book is based on a boy name Philip Pirrip and events in his life throughout a number of years. Dickens however incorporated some of his own experiences into the book through Pip's point of view. Great Expectations has 6 main themes to the book those being; * The importance of loyalty. * Bullying of people who are younger or of lower class. * Expectations of yourself. * The importance of empathy by the readers. * The legal and educational system in the 1800's. * Changing yourself to impress someone else. The Characters Pip is very childlike the way Dickens describes him, almost naive and he has a large imagination. Dickens shows Pip's naivety by telling the reader Pip believes his mothers name was 'also Georgina' as that was written on the gravestone. ...read more.


Estella is introduced in chapter eight. Estella is the adopted daughter of Miss Havisham; Estella was brought up to hate men by Miss. Havisham. This causes Estella to poke fun at many aspects of Pip. She has been taught well like most upper class children and Dickens shows this by her speech and appearance. 'Don't be ridiculous boy...', she believes herself to be higher and more important than Pip due to her being of a higher class. Miss. Havisham was a wealthy woman who got jilted at the alter, her life went down hill from there as if she was stuck in the time. We can see that from the way Dickens describes the way her house was decorated. Dickens makes Miss. Havisham come over as a bitter spiteful lady by using her speech and actions. '"Sometimes I have sick fantasies." She went on.' The Setting. The first chapter is set in a graveyard which gives the reader an eerie yet calm feeling until the convict appears changing the atmosphere to dramatic. ...read more.


The storyline. The entire book is mainly focussed around Pip's days and his meeting of new people in both different classes. Chapter one is focussed on Pip meeting the convict, who is of a lower class and then chapter eight is focussed on Pip meeting Estella and Miss. Havisham who are of a higher class. The story is about Pip and his feelings when he meets each of these people as well as the expectations he has for himself once meeting those people. Pip tries to raise his expectations for himself once he's met Estella. Dickens chooses everything carefully when writing a storyline, like names for instance he describes calling upon Estella in chapter eight as '... her light came along the dark passage like a star.' Estella is actually Latin for star so you can tell he chose the name wisely as well as fitting historical context into the chapter. He also uses pat experiences to help write about events in his books especially Great Expectations. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lauren Bolam 10KB ...read more.

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