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great expectations

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Great Expectations In Victorian times there was a big difference between the rich and poor societies. The rich never communicated with the poor and even lived in separate areas of the town. In the story Mrs Joe lives a poor life she only had a small cramped house, which only has the bare necessities of life. She's a blacksmith's wife so doesn't earn very much and has to leave a simple life. Compared to Miss Havisham, Mrs Joe is very poor. Miss Havisham has a mansion "I thought how miss Havisham and Estella never sat in a kitchen, but were far above the level of such common things." Miss Havisham had everything she wanted and looked down on those who were below her. The way people talks differs also, when pip goes to see Miss Havisham, Estella makes fun of the way he talks "With this boy! Why he is a common labouring boy!" Estella speaks down to pip just because he is poorer than her. Peoples life in the country differs quite a bit to the city "I was scared by the immensity of London" Pip feels scared about how big London is and how easily it could be to get lost, but when he first arrives he's impressed by its size and ugliness. ...read more.


It's like as if Pip looks at him as being a poor and fearful man who has been badly treated and needs looking after. Then dickens puts him back as being a mean man who was in a hurry. "Glared and growled; whose teeth chattered in his head as he seized me by the chin." He sounds as though he wants to scare pip so pip will do as he says and wont betray him. Dickens immediately followed Magwitchs description with Mrs Joes. I think this is good because you can compare Mrs Joe a blacksmith's wife to Magwitch who is an escaped convict. It makes you see that even though they both shout at Pip and are mean to him, they are really very different, because Magwitch wants to spread fear into Pip, so Pip will do as he says. Mrs Joe doesn't like Pip and feels as though he's a burden that she wishes she didn't have to look after him. Magwitchs behaviour when being captured is calm. He tried to cooperate with the guards. He confessed that he ran away from the prison ship. "Single-handed I got clear off the prison ship; I made a dash and I done it." ...read more.


Innocent people are not treated justly because then Jaggers wouldn't get paid as much as he would otherwise. Dickens was a great believer in what was fair so people in Great Expectations get what they deserve. Mrs Joe wasn't a very thoughtful person. She mainly shouted at pip although when he came back late from the graveyard she went out to look for him. She died by someone being hit round the head with a shovel. Compeyson died by being crushed by a paddle steamer. I think that Dickens made Compeyson die in such a horrible way because it is like Magwitchs revenge and dream that he died in such a gruesome way. Pip started his apprenticeship as a Blacksmiths helper. Then a mysterious man came and took him to London to work for Mr Jaggers as a lawyer. This job earned him �500 per year or �125 every 3 months after he got in to debt. This is very extensive payment compared to his blacksmiths job. Miss Havisham has been hurt by men because one man left her at the alter. She trains Estella to treat men horribly just because she was treated wrongly. At the end of the novel Miss Havisham died a horrific death and Estella looked like she was going to become Miss Havisham until pip saves her. ...read more.

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