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Great Expectations.

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Great Expectations Coursework One-way Charles Dickens creates an effect on me as a reader is by setting the scene. An example of this is "This bleak place overgrown with nettles was the churchyard." This place gives me an image of a churchyard full of sharp, piercing nettles. The painfull nettles could represent to me the pain of your family dying. Churchyards are cold and lonely places where you can hear the wind whistling in the cold dead of the night. The words "overgrown with nettles" give me a picture of nettles growing all over the tombstones, also the nettles are that overgrown you cant see over the nettles which makes it harder to enter the churchyard. The writer makes us feel how wild and unwelcoming this place is. An example of this is "The dark, flat wilderness beyond the churchyard, intersected with dykes." This gives me a picture of a church in a derelict place where it is gives me an image of a wasteland where dead bones of humans and animals lay. It also gives me a picture of a really swampy place full of reptiles and wild animals. The writer uses the description of the setting to emphasise how dull and sad Pips life was. For example "The low leaden line beyond was the river, and that the distant savage lair from which the wind was rushing." This quote gives me an image of a really miserable inhospitable environment where Pip exists. ...read more.


A man with no hat, and with an old grey rag tied round his head." This quote portrays Magwitch as a frightening, fearful scary old man. In a Childs imagination he is portrayed as fierce and frightful. The words "an old rag tied round his head." Gives me a picture of a pirate with a bandana on his forehead. Often a pirate is referred to as someone who whose really really scary so children are really frightened of Magwitch. As Magwitch turns Pip upside down it creates a frightful moment for Pip. Pip is so small and vulnerable and compared to Pip Magwitch is a really big giant. For example "The man after looking at me for a moment turned me upside down and emptied my pockets." This quote gives me a picture of a little terrified little boy getting terrorised by this great big giant in comparison to Pip. Dickens describes Magwitch as scary but when he doesn't use any colons he just goes straight into a recurring description of all the pain he has been through. For example " A man who had been soaked in water and smothered in mud, & lamed by stones & cut by flints & stung by nettles & torn by briars who limped & shivered & glared and growled." This quote shows that Dickens has gone straight into describing the pain he has gone through to create pathos for Magwitch even though Magwitch has been portrayed as a really fearful and fierce man. ...read more.


Pip almost spent his time in the churchyard watching his parent's tombstones. He has no idea who he looked like so he imagined what his parents looked like by reading their lettering on the tombstone and then imagined who he looked like. From this statement we get an idea of him having a really wild imagination. Pips imagination is a key role in this novel. Pips imagination comes into action when he meets the convict Magwitch. Magwitch is a convict who has escaped from prison. Magwitch is portrayed to be bestial, monstrous, fearful and fierce. When we first meet Magwitch we see his evil, bestial side to him but later on in the novel we also see the emotional and good side to him as he gets to know Pip. When I realised Magwitch was only in need of a bit of company I felt so much sympathy for him. Magwitch introduces the "young man." To Pip just to get some company from him. Magwitch compares himself to the young man as an angel. This tells me that he is trying to tell Pip he isn't really as monstrous as he seems." Now, he pursued, you remember what you've undertook, and you remember that young man, and you get home." This quote tells me that Magwitch is trying to get Pip scared by reminding him about the young man. To me it seems, as it may be a desperate ploy for company. Magwitch has trouble keeping himself together mentally & physically because he wishes he'd rather be a frog or an eel rather than being who he is. ...read more.

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