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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Chapters 1-3 give you a feeling of welcoming. The first three chapters aren't just comical but in some places they are edgy. The humour makes it enjoyable to read and the apprehensive situations make you want to read on to see what happens. Right from the beginning Dickens has aroused the readers interest. The story is told in First Person Retrospective Narrative. This enables Dickens in the early chapters to re-create the child's eye view whilst fusing it with adult judgements. Instantaneously we know that it is wrote in First Person Retrospective Narrative because of the use of the pro-noun "I". The main character "Pip" is introduced straight away and we find out his situation. Pip introduces himself and tells you a brief background on himself. He explains where he got his name from and that his sister has been a mother type figure to him as all his brothers and parents are deceased. ...read more.


Chapter 2 opens with Pip's naivety setting in again as he describes about his childhood experiences and life so far. He describes how his sister Mrs Joe Gargery has brought him up by hand. Pip takes this literally because Mrs Joe is always hitting Pip so the words "by hand" are took into literal form. Yet again Pip thinks that Joe was forced into marriage with Mrs Joe as if he was beat into submission by Mrs Joe. Joe is physically enormous but mentally slow and is chivalrous in that he would never strike back at a woman. Every thing said about Mrs Joe is cornered. She has no feminine, elegant, graceful curves just points. When Pip returns home late he finds out that Mrs Joe has been out looking for him and that she had the cane out with her. ...read more.


Mrs Joe's extreme aggressiveness is very amusing. When pip takes the food to the convict he starts to become paranoid and talks to the animals. Pip on the way to see the convict he thinks he meets the alleged man who is going to eat his heart and liver but its not really him. When Pip gets to the convict he is near dying, he's so cold. Pip naively thinks that the convict should leave some food for his friend. The convict replies in a grunt laugh. Pip replies and catches the convict out by replying that he has seen the other man even though the convict has made him up. Pip noticed the bruise on the other mans left cheek and the convict then knows who the other man is. The convict then starts to file the iron off his leg. He is filing so hard that he actually cuts his leg. Pip doesn't know if the convict has got free or not because the convict is still filing when he is walking away. ...read more.

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