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Great expectations

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Great Expectations In this essay I will compare Phillip Pirrip's relationship between the characters Magwitch and Miss Havisham. I will be using at the first meetings with Miss Havisham and Magwitch and the last meetings. I these two meetings show how the characters change and also how status also changes through the novel. In this novel Phillip Pirrip (Pip) was born with no mum or dad only being able to describe them was the shape of the graves and the inscriptions. He had five other siblings but they all died. Pip lives with his sister now and his sister is the wife of the blacksmith, so Pip was not rich. Pip than grows up and is giving a large sum of money to become a gentleman. Pip doesn't know who his benefactor is. Charles dickens was born in the nineteenth century, during this time children as young as five was able to work. Charles dickens grew up in a family that was not rich. When Charles dickens was older he became rich through his magazine stories. Charles dickens as a wealthy man realised how money changes people. ...read more.


So Pip thought as Estella and Miss Havisham as superior. Pip meets Magwitch in a churchyard on the marshes, a dark and ominous place, ''this bleak overgrown with nettles'' I think this shows how dark and dangerous the marshes is and also how it has been left to over grow no one has tried to maintain the marshes. The atmosphere became tense ''the distant savage lair from which the wind was rushing'' I think this indicated something would happen. Pip meets Miss Havisham in a grand house with similar properties to the marshes ''passages were all dark'' just like the marshes it was dark but on the other hand Pip meets Magwitch on the marshes and meets miss Havisham in a grand house they are the total opposites. Magwitch is thankful to pip ''thankee my boy, thank'ee. God bless you! You've never deserted me. Magwitch doesn't know that pip had once meant to deserted him this is when Charles dickens uses irony well. When Magwitch came to tell Pip that he was his benefactor pip was unhappy ''will you drink before you go'' I think this shows how disgusted and ashamed Pip was of Magwitch and he didn't want to be around him. ...read more.


looked down on convicted criminals because they was portrayed as malicious, cruel, heartless and vindictive people. Charles dickens knows this and uses this to create a surprise in this novel. He uses this with miss Havisham also because when pip gets the money some people would have thought that miss Havisham is the benefactor. After analysing the first meeting and the last meeting Pip had with Magwitch I have become aware of how their relationship has changed for the better. From the time when Magwitch stayed at Pip home in London their relationship grew stronger and stronger until Magwitch died. I also examined the first meeting and the last meetings Pip had with Miss Havisham. I think since Pip first met miss Havisham to the last I think pip lost respect for her. I think he lost respect first when he realised that miss Havisham wasn't the benefactor because she was acting as if she was. I think he also lost respect for her because he was also rich miss Havisham wasn't that woman he looked up to when he was a child. I think their relationship grew strong until he was told whom the real benefactor was than their relationship become insubstantial. ...read more.

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