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Great Expectations - create a monologue for Miss Havisham.

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Miss Havisham Monologue Idea: Miss Havisham?s monologue is going to be in 3 sections. Section 1: Day of her Wedding day 1. Wise and experienced 2. Purpose in Life 3. True Love Section 2: What Love did to her and the revenge she takes on men and the hatred she feels towards men? 1. Love?s Revenge 2. Hatred Towards Men 3. In pain Section 3: How she taught Estella to love her and break men?s heart and the emotions that she feels when she realises that Estella don?t love her. 1. Justified 2. Desperation to prove a point 3. In pain Miss Havisham?s Monologue in the 3 sections Introduction ?Look at me, so pail, weak and powerless. This can?t be me. I used to be so strong, so beautiful. Now, I feel so lonely and so near to my death. ...read more.


Those devilish creatures only want to hurt a women?s feelings, make her so weak and steal everything she has and destroy every last piece of dignity she has. Section 2 At 20minutes to 9 on my wedding day, I received that letter, from a man that I loved so much. He had left me. I was humiliated and heartbroken. I stopped all the clocks in this house at that exact point to learn of my betrayal. From that day I had no purpose to live. Since then, I remained in this decaying mansion, not knowing anything from the outside. I have been shut up in the room not knowing how the world went by until I told him that I wanted a little girl to love and save me from fate. I named her Estella. Believe this: when she first came, I meant to save her from misery like my own. ...read more.


I wanted Pip?s heart to be broken as mine was. I made his love Estella marry another man. I caused him pain and misery. I felt so happy. Section 3 She is not my Estella, my beautiful daughter, this is not her. She is so cold and bitter. The great expectations that I had for her. Is this how made her to be? So cold and bitter? What have I done? Miss Havisham?s: Estella, tell me, tell me everything, every single word. I want to hear it now. Estella; Mother I have already told you, I do not want to say no more. Miss Havisham?s: Why so cold, Estella? Why do want to hide secrets from your mother? Estella: Is this not how you want me to be? You bought me up for your own selfish reasons? ?I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me." Do not expect no more, Mother. ...read more.

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