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Great Expectations - The Relationship between Pip and Joe.

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Great Expectations The Relationship between Pip and Joe Great Expectations is a novel written by Charles Dickens in the 1860's. It focuses on the central character "Pip" who is orphaned and lives with his sister and her husband Joe the Blacksmith. Pip meets with Ms Havisham who lives in Satis House here Pip is insulted and trodden on, he vows to himself to one day become a gentleman and marry Estella who is adopted by Ms Havisham. Pip receives a large sum of money and assistance on his way to being a gentleman but he is very misguided to the try source of the money In this essay I will be looking at the relationship between Pip and Joe and the changes that Pip undergoes. When Pip s apprenticed by Joe, when Joe visits Pip as a gentleman and then in the final chapters of the novel when Pip realizes all of the mistakes he has made. The main chapters of the book I will be examining are 7, 27. 57 and 58 Chapter Seven - In this chapter Pip is a young boy about to be apprenticed to Joe. We can see that Pip looks up to Joe a lot when he writes his letter to Joe "expending great efforts on the production of a letter to Joe." ...read more.


He speaks of Estella's return in a very formal fashion "Which I say, Sir," replied Joe, with an air of legal formality, as if he were making his will" In this chapter Pip does not seem to have any recognition that he and Joe used to be the best of friends, the actions taken by Pip are not actions that I would expect a friend to do. Pip is ashamed of Joe and his "simple dignity". Pip realises that he is doing all this and runs after Joe to try stop him and apologise. "As soon as I could recover myself sufficiently, I hurried out after him and looked for him in the neighbouring streets; but he was gone" Pip realises what he has done but the guild that he feels is obviously not sufficient to make him stay at Joe's house when he goes to visit Ms Havisham the next day. He tells himself reasons why he should not stay at Joe's. I think this is because he does not want Estella to know that he is staying with Joe, a common blacksmith as this might ruin his believed chances with her Chapter 27 is in my opinion an important chapter. It shows how Pip and Joe's friendship has changed and just how Pip's social status has affected his character. ...read more.


Pip asks Joe that if a "little fellow will sit in this chimney corner of a winter night, who may remind you of another little fellow gone" then he will not tell them that he was thankless or ungenerous and unjust "only tell him that I honoured you both, because you were so good and true." In this paragraph Pip resents himself for being cruel to Joe but Joe does not care about the past because he knows truly in his heart that Pip loves him. All of Pips plans change, he then leaves to Cairo to join Herbert. Pip vowed he would pay Joe back the money that he used to get Pip out of debt. Conclusion - Through out the book Pip and Joe have their ups and downs together. At the start of the book Pip sees Joe as an equal. "We were equals afterwards, as we had been before" When Pip goes to London and becomes a gentleman he becomes condescending and looks down at Joe for common mistakes which Pip himself had made earlier in the book. During the course of the book Pip realises how badly he treated Joe in chapter 27. He thinks that Joe won't forgive him but that is wrong. When Pip falls ill it is Joe that is there for him and pays Pip's debt. In conclusion Pip and Joe's relationship with each other is very strong despite any wrong doings in the past they are "ever the best of friends" ...read more.

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