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Great Expectations [year 10 english]

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Great Expectations Essay In what ways does Dickens create effective images of people and places? Explore in particular one short section which includes particularly vivid descriptions. The novel "Great Expectations" is written by the great and well remembered Charles Dickens. In this essay I will be explaining how Dickens uses different techniques in this novel to create an effective image in your head of people and places. In the novel itself Pip meets a man who is a convict, he is told to go and get a file and some whittles and whatever scraps of food he can. Pip does this and the convict spares his life and is very grateful. Later in the novel pip meets a girl called Estella and falls in love with her, she has been brought up by an old woman called Miss Habisham that had been a victim of a run-away groom, so she had taught Estella to break any mans heart that falls in love with her. ...read more.


The negative language used gives the reader a picture of a derelict, abandoned, scary place that a young child shouldn't be around. This also can give the image that pip has no family left as he is going to visit them. The next section of chapter one describes the marshes and the 1st term used to describe them is "The dark wilderness beyond the churchyard intersected with dykes and mounds and gates, with scattered cattle reeding on it was the marshes; and that the low laden line beyond was the river, and that the distant savage lair from which the wind was rushing was the sea". In the last few lines there are a few techniques used, Alliteration was used to get a effective feel to the marshes when Dickens wrote "Low Laden Line". This shows that there is nothing in the marshes except a line on the horizon. ...read more.


This shows that Magwitch has no way of eating but through others and that if Pip doesn't get him any food then he will probably die. Dickens wrote a few sentences about the way Magwitch treated pip and this shows how helpless pip is; "When the church came to itself - for he was so sudden and strong that he made it go head over heels before me and I saw the steeple under my feet - when the church came to itself, I say, I was seated on a high tombstone". Magwitch has eaten the bread that he stole from Pip and Dickens shows that he is rather desperate and scary by making Magwitch say to Pip "What fat cheeks you've got", Although Pip is scared of Magwitch Dickens adds humour to this section when he says "I believe they were fat, though at the time I was undersized for my age, and not strong". ...read more.

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