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"Great truths need to be interpreted through the eyes of successive generations if they are to retain their relevance."

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Question: "Great truths need to be interpreted through the eyes of successive generations if they are to retain their relevance." Great truths need to be modernised to be appropriate for today's generation of people. These messages are transmitted by events occurring within our modern society that people can effortlessly relate to. The quote states that the strong themes portrayed in certain types of texts needs to be restructured to retain their relevance in modern society. Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is a detailed example of a modernised play. Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann have recreated the ancient play to make it comprehendible to their audience. Although Zeffirelli has accomplished his goal, it is not up to date with his time and a smaller audience has understood the great truths portrayed. Luhrmann had made the play so modern that a broad audience was attracted to his version simply because their understandings of the great truths are more accurate. Love is expressed much more differently between the two versions of Romeo and Juliet. Luhrmann adopted love to be a common emotion felt by the modern world. ...read more.


These characteristics alter the way we perceive the intensity of violence between the Montague and Capulet houses. The evil violence exposed in both films has vast differences. Luhrmann has changed the old-fashioned sword into guns and more destructive weapons. With the combination of amazing contrasting techniques alongside swift and jolting camera movements with tense editing and music, Luhrmann has made Romeo and Juliet one aggressive film. This appeals to many people because they can associate it to their experiences. The passion of each family blossoms for the love of their emblems. This shows the depth of love for their house but also for the hatred for each others houses. We relate this to the strength and importance of our own family names, making it easier to relate to. Zeffirelli has kept the traditional swords and has used dull and grainy colours with a lot of camera movement. It is confusing to keep up with and isn't very appealing since it is out of his generation's understanding of the concept of sword fighting. This affects the consequences of interest towards the death scenes of both films. Demise in both versions is dramatic, but portrayed using different styles. ...read more.


A broad range of people were attracted to the film as a result of understanding most, if not all, the messages that were transmitted through the film. Zeffirelli managed to portray the messages in a format that was older than his time. The battles using swords and old castle-like structures mixed with grainy and dull colours and a beautiful cast in tights was not a revolutionised film that a wide audience would enjoy and fully understand. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has been modernised for the benefit of society. Luhrmann and Zeffirelli have recreated this primordial play into something that people in their generation can understand. People in our generation may not understand Zeffirelli's version as much as Luhrmann's because Zeffirelli made the film for his time. Thus we comprehend and relate the great truths hidden in Luhrmann's version to modern day society, making it seem like his film is much superior to Zeffirelli's when in fact they are both masterpieces, being understood by the audience the films were intended to be made for. English Essay 1 By Adrian Ciaschetti ...read more.

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