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Green As a toddler most people have the usual coloured walls; blue if your parents are expecting a boy and pink if they were expecting a girl. However, somehow my parents were convinced that green walls and green clothes and toys and napkins and accessories. I had to question myself on what exactly my parents were expecting when they decided to embellish the whole of my room with green. So, basically green has always been a part of my life, whether the decision being voluntary or involuntary. For me green stood for everything pleasant, as a consequence green has always my favourite colour. In fact, there was a stage in my life when I was obsessed with green. ...read more.


Green has always held a lot of meanings for me, from pleasant, to jealous and even the repulsive green of toxic puke! Green does not only signify all the good things but has a whole other side to it. As we drove through the inky darkness of the night, the lights reflected off the pristine white snow that covered the all of the amazing green-so prominent in the summer now completely blanketed by a sheet of new untouched snow. I sighed as I turned away from the window already longing for the green that had covered my front lawn as my brother and I had played with the water hose ending up ruining the whole garden. ...read more.


Then I realised that this gift my mother had bought, I wanted the glossy green wrapping paper. Then as my cousin put her hands forward in anticipation, I pulled it towards my chest from the hands of my mother and cousin. She tried pulling it away from me as I hung on to it with all the strength of a small six-year old. Then as I saw my cousin smiling at me as she received the gift I started bawling loudly and stomped off to sulk by myself in a lone corner. That was the first time I realised that green in my life wasn't only everything pleasant but it also denoted envy; my first ever encounter with this new feeling, I was truly green with envy. ...read more.

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