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Gregory’s Girl – Modern Drama Coursework Task

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Gregory's Girl - Modern Drama Coursework Task * The Girls Plan Of Deception At The End Of The Play [Outside The Pavilion] G: Come on, stop fooling around. I mean a real... D: If your gonna argue about it, forget it G: No, no! Fine... when? D: Tonight, half past 7at Greens in the plaza G: It's a date! D: I'm going to take a shower now, see you tonight? ...read more.


and Gregory, what did he say?! D: I canna believe it! C: What's wrong wi you? D: I actually agreed I would go on a date wi that spotty creep! S: Gregory?! D: Aye! Why are you so interested in Gregory for? S: I... MC: She fancies him! D: You what?! S: Aye, ta girls... D: You fancy Gregory?! S: Aye, I'm really sorry, please, don't be mad. ...read more.


M: I have a plan... Carol! C: Aye? M: Meet Gregory tonight and tell him Gregory isnt coming to meet him. D: I'm liking this already! D C M: (giggle) M: Then you lead him down to Tony's chippy... C: got it! M: I will then take him to Susan, hinting that Susan likes him, you know, to get him excited. S: (blushes) Ok M: That's settled then S: Are you sure this'll work? M: Of coarse it'll work! How hard can it be to trick... Gregory?! D C M: (giggle) [Susan, Margo, Carol Exit] [Dorothy goes to showers] [END SCENE] ...read more.

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