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Grimy, streetwise and absolutely fearless, "50 Cent," born Curtis Jackson.

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Grimy, streetwise and absolutely fearless, "50 Cent," born Curtis Jackson, has dealt with more in his 26 years than most deal with in an entire lifetime. Raised without a father, Curtis lost his mother when she was found dead of "mysterious circumstances" before he was a teenager and the orphaned rapper was taken in by his grandparents. , Curtis is a man of the street, intimately familiar with its codes and its violence, but still, Curtis, an incredibly intelligent and deliberate man, holds himself with a regal air as if above the pettiness which surrounds him. Couple his true-life hardship with his knack for addictive syrupy hooks, it's clear that Curtis has exactly what it takes to ride down the road to the riches and diamond rings. ...read more.


They did not have faith in him and believed that he is not worth having anymore not knowing that they made the biggest mistake of their lives. Despite a lack of backing and money, Curtis teamed up with a new business partner and produced over 30 new songs with the sole purpose of creating a buzz on the underground tip. The recordings spread through New York on black market CDs and mix-tapes like a virus. Beginning to attract interest, and now backed by the G-Unit crew, "50" kept grinding out more songs. With a red, white and blue bootleg called "50 Cent" is the Future" circulating, the "50 Cent" spark was turning into a five-alarm fire. That's when the unbelievable happened, and hip-hop history was written. ...read more.


Curtis has made it clear, though, that it wasn't the money that lured him to the Shady side of the tracks; it was the opportunity to work with the "dream team." Never one to miss an opportunity, "50 Cent" quickly released a track called "Wanksta" which found a home on Eminem's multi-platinum 8 Mile soundtrack. With several huge hits already under his belt, 2003 could be "50 Cent's" year. 50 Cent's debut promises to set the pace for hip-hop in coming years. The product of his unrelenting drive, talent and, frankly, his real-ness, 50's official first album promises to do for him just what it says. With his infectious flow and viciously funny I-don't-care personality, there is no doubt that 50 Cent will Get Rich or Die Trying. Consider him as an unusual person that had nine lives and living his tenth. ...read more.

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