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"Growing Up" the main character experiences something that changes his view of things. Compare the story with one other from the selection, in which a character experiences a kind of change.

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"Growing Up" the main character experiences something that changes his view of things. Compare the story with one other from the selection, in which a character experiences a kind of change. This essay will be a comparison of the story "Growing Up" with the short story "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit". "Growing Up" written by Joyce Cary is a story about the relationship between fathers and their daughters and the way in which it develops and changes. Also this story portrays this change of relationship in a very negative and violent way with the climax being very aggressive. As two young daughters turn against their father and violently attack him. While "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" written by Sylvia Plath is about a child being unjustly punished and the way it psychologically affects her and has an everlasting impression on the rest of her life. This small event of her being falsely accused of pushing a girl, Paula Brown into an oil-slick and ruining her new snowsuit mentally makes an impact on the narrator for the rest of her life. "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" conveys this idea of this experience having an eternal effect on her from the beginning of the story with its title, as it can be seen as a childish because of the way she refers ...read more.


Consequently he tries to recapture some stability of his life; "He straightened his tie." this is symbolic of his orderly life. In "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" Plath uses a lot of colour adjectives to convey this memory as vividly as she can, "The sunset flaunted its pink flag" She, also uses colour to reflect different moods and provides a contrast of atmosphere, as at the beginning of the story she gives a very visual description of an airport which is significant to her she shows this by using very bright colours that reflect the importance of the airport to her "the flashing red and green lights". However, in comparison to this atmosphere she uses more mundane dull colour vocabulary to describe the day of the incidence, "the skies were grey". Even though this is written as a memory so in places it has a childish style, Plath has still used very figurative and elevated vocabulary this could be a reflection of her involvement with this image of flying which is portrayed through out, as well as being a reflection of how much this event has had an everlasting impression on her. Similar to the contrast used in "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" "Growing Up" also does this at word level with the use of very passive verbs to describe the girls ...read more.


"She's growing up - and so am I." Mr Quick is very adopting as he understands what has happened to his relationship with his daughter and the role he will now play in her life. In conclusion the stories are quite similar as in both stories the main character's relationships develop and are both disappointed by their immediate family. Furthermore this development in relationship leads to an experience of growing up and realising the way things actually are as well as how they will affect the future of the main character. However they are also quite different in their own styles, as "Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" is written in first person narration and is clear visual memory which Plath tries to describe as vividly as possible to the reader with the excessive use of language features; metaphors, similes and colour vocabulary. Whereas "Growing Up" is written in third person narration and has a brief more abrupt involvement along with metaphors only really being used at climatic points in the story. Both stories do use contrast to build up an atmosphere and tension so that when the climax is reached it is much more effective because when looking at the story in context before the climax you shouldn't be expecting the incident that occurs. Anjana Johal 11E ...read more.

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