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Guinness coursework

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English Coursework: Tipping Point: Analysis Tipping point has been the most talked about advert of recent times, partly to do with the amount of money spent on it but mostly due to the amount of props and effects used. In this review I will analyse various aspects of the ad including camera work, colour, setting, props and actors. One of the many shots used is the close up which emphasises certain aspects of the ad. The close up is used at the start to show the man's hand just before he pushes over the dominoes, this emphasises the importance of that particular action and it undoubtedly draws the viewer's attention to it. Another close up is also used later on in the ad to highlight certain expressions on people's faces & this changes the mood and the momentum of the ad. Alongside the close ups, the long shot has also been utilised in order to provide a panoramic view & also gives the exact position of the object or character in relation to the surroundings. ...read more.


in the olden days. Setting is very crucial to the character of the product. It helps viewers identify themselves with the product and creates a sense of belonging and pride in being associated with the product. The setting seems to be in an old foreign village which might indicate that the product has reached out to people in other parts of the world and this may portray the product as being well known so people might want to try it. The setting may also invoke a sense of belonging as the village and its people are seem to be of a certain mould who are linked to the product, the audience may be drawn towards the product because of this. The props which have been chosen also play an important role in making the ad a success. They have been particularly chosen because they represent the characters' lifestyles which seem to very ordinary and basic i.e. ...read more.


The idea behind this is to show that no matter what type of person or profession Guinness is something all the locals have in common; they all cheer together when the domino effect is happening and also rejoice in sync as the glass of Guinness is "filled". As well as the setting, the actors also contribute to a sense of belonging which attracts the viewer and makes them try the product. Also, the characters have been portrayed in such a way which makes them seem as they to some extent worship the product which may represent the love for Guinness buyers have around the world. Having reviewed and analysed the different features of the ad I believe that the its success has been largely due to the domino effect shown in the ad this has made the ad memorable and eye-catching. However, other factors like colour and setting have also made the ad a wonder. I am confident that applying these features to our adverts will surely increase the popularity of our product amongst the public. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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