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Gulluvers Travels

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Gulliver's Travels Consider some of the ways Swift satirises England of the 1720's in book one of 'Gulliver's Travels'. 'Gulliver's Travels' was written by Irishman Jonathon Swift in the year 1726. 'Gulliver's Travels' consists of four different parts, each taking Gulliver to a different remote place (Island). Lilliput in book one is the first of the remote places, here Gulliver is big in a tiny world. In book two Lemeul Gulliver is tiny in a big world of Brobaingnag. Laputa is the third of four Islands where Gulliver is confused in a world of science, book four is when he is a human in an animal worldcalled the land of the Houyhnhms. Lilliput will be the focus of this essay. Swift caused a huge controversy because of the way he wrote it. Swift must have known that this was to come, in which case he had published it anonymously, as he was afraid of the readers' actions. However this had pleased him as his aim of writing the book was to "vex the world", in other words to annoy and anger the world. In order to do this he used satire to make his point. According to 'Oxford English Dictionary for Schools', satire means; humour or exaggeration used to show what is bad or weak about a person or thing, especially the government and other important institutions. ...read more.


It has the most famous illuminations. And on Friday and Saturday nights it has more public toilets than anywhere else on Britain; elsewhere they call them doorways.' Bryson's writing contains much more facts and description about the place around him whereas Defoe's writing has nothing to do with the place he intended to describe which is London. The structural, informative and writing change in travel writing could be and in my opinion should be commended to Jonathon Swift. Swift as I believe and many others helped to change the way travel writing was written, as he had the courage to write a satirical novel based on his views and reflecting others views on how they felt about travel writing of their time; early 18th century. The monarchy and government is one of the main focuses in 'Gulliver's Travels'. Jonathon Swift had an interest in monarchy and government otherwise known as politics. His interest had begun since his early career, as politics affected the strength and stability of the Anglican Church in both England and Ireland of which he was a member. The restoration of the Catholic monarchy was a real threat which he feared during his lifetime. Swift uses ridicule and exaggeration to satirise the monarchy and government of the early 18th century. ...read more.


Despite the fact that the history of the conflict between Lilliput and Blefuscu is ridiculous; as it is over 'what side to crack their eggs on?' Gulliver reports it with complete seriousness. The more serious the tone, the more laughable this conflict appears. But Swift expects us to understand that the complete history that Gulliver reports is corresponding to the European history exactly. The High-Heels and the Low-Heels correspond to the Whigs and Tories of English politics. The violent conflict between Big-Endians and Little-Endians represents the Protestant Reformation and the centuries of war between Catholics and Protestants. By rewriting European history in a book with characters representing people of the English society, Swift implies that the differences between Protestants and Catholics, between Whigs and Tories, and between France and England are as ridiculous and pointless as how a person chooses to crack an egg. Eventually Gulliver becomes a national resource, used by the army in its war against the people of Blefuscu, whom the Lilliputians hate for doctrinal differences concerning the proper way to crack eggs. When Gulliver disobeys the order of the Emperor to destroy Blefuscu's fleet of ships, is a sign that he feels some responsibility toward all beings. However small, the inhabitants of Blefuscu still have rights, one of which is freedom from cruelty. Granted almost godlike power by his unusual size, Gulliver finds himself in a position to change the Lilliputians' society forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rehana Adam ...read more.

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