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Gump Runs to Number One

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Gump Runs to Number One By Alex Howes Forrest Gump runs through the chart in this mesmerizing, heart-warming story of a man with a small brain but a big heart. Starring the incredible Tom Hanks as 'Forrest Gump', the lovable simpleton from Alabama, USA, this film really is what the edge of your seat was made for. Produced by Robert Zemeckis, adapted for screenplay by Eric Roth; And based upon the novel by Winston Groom, this will have you jumping for joy and cheering Gump on throughout the movie. Released for the big screen in 1994 and winner of six Oscars, the actors' performance really makes this a wonderful, once in a lifetime family movie. ...read more.


A true example of the simple, yet incredible nature of Gump, and this movie, is this next quote: "We took long walks and were always looking for this guy named Charlie." Throughout the motion picture, through becoming a football player, war hero, businessman, and something of an icon, there was only one person he could think about: Jenny. Robin Wright plays a prodigious role as Jenny, who first encountered Gump on the school bus as a child, as she was the only person who would let him sit next to her. And even through drugs, the 'hippie scene' and depression, Jenny always found her way back to Gump. ...read more.


This groundbreaking visual effect which place Gump into archive footage really makes this a movie to remember for years to come. Forrest Gump has several morals and messages, but the most frequent and important is that you shouldn't give up on life. By comparing Forrest's life with those of the people around him, and how time brings solace and peace to all who seek it, the motion picture highlights this point. The verdict? this film really gives you a sense of where you are in the world; and how innocence can give a whole new look on life, running in at 4 out of 5 - this will pull your heart-strings on a whole new level!. ...read more.

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