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Gun Crime Essay

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Gun Crime Essay In this essay I will be talking about the sale of guns and the number of gun crimes throughout history. For many years people have lived around guns, but are guns really the right solution. In this essay I will be arguing against the sales of guns. This essay will also include information based on the movie "Bowling for Columbine" by Michael Moore which is a documentary about gun crimes in America. Why do people really have guns is it for the comfort of living peacefully or just to look cool in front of their friends but if no one had a gun in the first place then why would they be scared and a gun can take a life away. Whilst you're playing with your gun in front of your friend it can easily take their life away. You may see it in the movies as being fun but in reality it is completely different and more deadly. In my opinion guns are not a sense of safety at all; they just cause more deaths and promote violence. ...read more.


It's true that American history was bloody but that's not the reason why Americans are like this Today. America relies on recognised actors like Charlton Heston ("the president of The Nation Rifle association"). The national fire association think he cares for America and wants what's best for them. Charlton Heston did not care when Michael Moore told him about Kayla's death, he simply just looked at Michael Moore and when Michael Moore asked him to apologise to the parents of Kayla he just got up and walked off not wanting to hear anymore about Kayla. This just shows why Charlton Heston is not a caring man but if he was to imagine that was his daughter he wouldn't use the same response as he used in the interview with Michael Moore. Americans are used to guns and its part of their upbringing, there's advertisement on TV about guns, there's comedians making jokes about guns, there's shops and supermarket selling bullets (K-Mart), you can buy bullets even in a barber while having a haircut as Michael Moore showed, it's even an American leisure to have guns and to go out and shoot about. ...read more.


The American Media also spread false information via TV, radio, newspaper, internet etc, they show a lot of fighting, killing, people getting raped, people getting robbed to breed fear so more people feel to urge to buy a gun to protect themselves. They show black people getting involved in crimes in movies to put the idea in people's heads that black people are the bad guys, they kill and get involved in crimes and want the viewers to believe that. In my Conclusion I think that guns should not be allowed. I think they don't make people feel safer but in fact it makes people more scared and wanting to use it more. As Torn Mauser said "something is wrong in this country when a child can grab a gun so easily and shoot a bullet into the middle of a child's face, as my son experienced" and he also said "it has no useful purpose". They should ban guns in America as it's not right for a teenager to carry a gun and walk on the streets. ...read more.

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