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Guy De Maupassant.

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The word Vendetta means a long lasting bitter quarrel. A private feud between Corsican and Sicilian families, in which the relatives of a murdered person seek vengeance by killing the murder or some other member of his family. Guy De Maupassant Guy De Maupassant was a French author of the naturalistic school, who was generally considered the greatest French short story writer. During his last year of life, Maupassant suffered form mental illness. He was probably born at the Chateau de Miromensniel, Dieppe. His paternal ancestors were noble, and his maternal grandfather, Paul Le Poittevin, was Gustave Flaubet's godfather. His parents separated when he was 11 years old. Maupassant grew up in his native Normandy. The gift of a photographic memory enabled him to gather a storehouse of information, which later helped him in his stories about Normandy people. Maupassant had suffered from his 20's from syphilis. The disease later caused increasing mental disorder. On January 2nd 1892, Maupassant tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat and was committed to the celebrated private asylum, of Dr Espirit Blanche at Passy in Paris, where the year after he died. ...read more.


tells you that the houses are right on the edge of the cliff, which sets the horror and fear to the story right into place. It makes me feel that the houses are going to fall into their watery grave at any minute. The story then continues by saying that the ships hardly venture into this part of the channel, which the writer is probably telling you that the ships might have been sunk here, and that no-one wants to venture here. The writer quotes that the wind 'harasses' the sea 'remorselessly', and that gives me the idea that it is a cold, alarming sea. The writer describes 'patches of whitish foam around the black tips of the countless reefs', which tells me that by this description this patch of the sea is dangerously rough. The writer really describes the sea in much detail, and there is probably a reason for this. The story goes on and the writer really describes the sea a big part of the horror, tension and suspense in the story. The story changes as it stops describing the sea, and gets on with the rest of the story, by explaining the characters. ...read more.


The story then changes from telling the audience about the characters, to actually carrying on with the story. The writer tells us that the old widows son, Antonie, was 'treacherously', knifed and murdered. The writer doesn't go into much detail about what happened, and doesn't go into much detail. The meaning of treacherously is deceitful and double-crossing, which means that Antoine might have double-crossed someone in order for him to be killed. The story carries on and says that a man called Nicolas Ravolati knifed him, and then escaped to Sardinia the same night. Sardinia is a boat away from Bonifacio, which meant that it was a quick and easy get away for him. I think that when it came to revenge, the widow wanted revenge instead of grieving, as she is described as 'motionless' when the body came to her door. I think that she bottled her emotions up inside, as she refused to let anyone but her dog sty with her. Then in the story you feel a lot of sadness for the woman, as it describes he deceased son wearing his 'homespun tweed jacket', and there was 'blood everywhere'. The woman definatley want revenge as she says 'don't worry, my boy, my poor child. I will avenge you, Victoria Mason A vendetta Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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