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Hacker - creative writing.

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Hacker Not again! Thought Abby as she rubbed her tired, stiff neck, and squinted at the computer monitor. ERROR ERROR ERROR flashed defiantly on the screen, as if mocking her. Every time I go near one of these things something has to go wrong, she thought sullenly. She tapped in a few more commands and then after a while gave up as the computer hummed angrily at her. She ruffled her short dark hair in frustration. Her father, Mr Hardy, a short cheerful man who always had a smile and a terrible joke up his sleeve, had bought the new computer for her and enrolled in an ICT class at the local community centre, in the hope that it would help with his daughters' schoolwork. Which it didn't, frowned Abby helplessly. She couldn't quite bring herself to tell him, because he had recently lost his job in a small branch of a bank in the city, and buying the computer was quite a sacrifice for him. Abby got up from her desk and moved silently into her dark room, now distracted by her thoughts. The light from the computer cast an eerie glow over her pine furniture creating shadows that danced mischievously on her bare plastered walls. She was restless. Her mind not focused on her work. As she looked out the window at the slanting sheets of rain spattering against the glass her mind started to wander, and she found herself thinking about the murders that were happening in the city. Gruesome one newsreader had described them. Terrifying and twisted echoed another. Nobody knew how they happened, or why the people seemed to meander unfazed to their disappearance, only to reappear weeks later as mangled corpses. The bodies had always been badly strangled, were always mutilated in the same way, the bodies always left in the same position and always in an abandoned place, at first there was nothing to link the bodies, and police had no evidence, circumstantial or otherwise but ...read more.


She didn't know why she was lying but she didn't really care as she walked out the doors of the building. It was five days until Abby got a chance to work on the computer at home. After much deliberation she came to the conclusion that if she didn't do so she would have to ask Mr Gerard for help the next lesson. It was getting late, and the streetlights were on, streaming an orange glow into her room. Besides the computer that was the only light in her room. Abby liked it in the dark. She could concentrate better if she didn't have distractions and her room was a distraction attractor, so it being dark was the only way she could work. She hadn't bothered to shut the curtains and the window was ajar letting a slight sweet-smelling breeze into the room. After logging on, and connecting to the Internet she decided to check her mail. It was her default mail, she hadn't had time to set one up herself so she didn't like the name much it was just her name and her birth date: Abby2807. She clicked on the mail icon in the corner of her screen. Two messages said the little window that popped up. She clicked on the first message. It was Just Mail from the ISP welcoming her to the Internet. The second message had no subject at the top of the message so she clicked on it. This time she knew the familiar font. Her blood ran cold. SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE A POCKETFUL OF KNIVES FOUR AND TWENTY BUTCHERS KNIVES KNAWING AT YOUR LIFE WHEN IVE NEARLY FINISHED YOU'LL BEGIN TO SCREAM NOW WASN'T THAT A SILLY PLOY TO PLAY WITH MY SILLY TOY? YOUR SECRET ADMIRER Abby sat still, her body rigid with fear. She strained to hear if there was anything unusual going on but she couldn't hear anything. Relaxing slightly she looked at when the message had been send and who by. ...read more.


And that was terrifying. Mr Gerard had Abby cornered by some lockers. He was coming closer to her. Abby knew if he tried to kill her he would be able to. When you're angry you have as much strength as you want. She could feel his breath on her cheek. Hot and nauseating. Suddenly there was a bang at the main entrance. The doors flung open and feet pounded the floor, echoing towards Abby and the deranged killer. Mr Gerard looked towards the people and screamed in anger. "NO! NO! I'm too close to perfection to let it all end now!" Mr Gerard leapt at Abby. Scrambling on her hands and knees, ignoring the floor tear her skin, she dodged him and ran towards the people that were coming towards her. Her father embraced her and three police officers pinned Mr Gerard down. Thrashing his arms and legs wildly Mr Gerard was still shouting things at Abby as her father lead her away from the scene. He told her that when she didn't return home from class he realised something was wrong. HE had been following the news and realised that maybe there was something in what she had said the other night about her computer. He had heard a commotion inside the community centre and called the police. That's when he came inside to the horrible scene. Abby was taken to hospital for shock and some stitches for her knees. "That happened about a month ago. I'm fine now, though I can't go near a computer any more without panicking a bit. Sometimes I have nightmares but they're slowly getting better. Mr James Gerard was taken to a secure psychiatric ward in the city where he is being treated for a mental illness. He's been sectioned and is on 24-hour suicide watch. When he's finished the treatment people say that he'll probably be let out, but that's not going to be for a long time yet. I'm getting back to normality and have finished my GCSE's. I got an A* grade in ICT." ...read more.

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